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Better Biosecurity: Slowing the Spread of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS)

Better Biosecurity: Slowing the Spread of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS)

New Online training for staff and students

The new course centers on good practice and is aimed at anyone who is undertaking fieldwork or involved in industry, agriculture, trade, site surveys, environmental concerns, or recreation. You will learn to identify risks of spreading of INNS and understand what biosecurity risks are, why they are important and how they can be reduced.

To see how you can reduce the spread/introduction of invasive species, visit the universities Open Education which is available to staff, students and the public.

28th September 2016

Biological Sciences careers fair hailed as a great success

The annual Careers Fair here in the faculty was a great success with hundreds of FBS students attending.


Scholarship Success in FBS

University of Leeds has presented 37 student athletes with Sport Scholarships for 2016/17. We are proud to say, 8 of those are based in the Faculty of Biological Sciences.


Two FBS Students shortlisted for prestigious international award

We are delighted to be able to announce that two of our FBS students, Sam Ross and Peter Moughton, have received the status of highly commended entrant in this year’s Undergraduate awards.