Macdonald Lab

Post-doctoral positions become available throughout the year so please keep checking this web site and the appropriate jobs web pages. In addition, we are also keen to hear from motivated people with their own funding who wish to join a young, motivated research group in the UK.


Post-doctoral and research technician positions available - deadline for application 5th October 2018


Are you an ambitious, hard working scientist looking for a post-doctoral or research technician position in DNA tumour virology?

We are looking for an exceptional post-doctoral research fellow Vacancy to work on an MRC funded project (Human papillomavirus hijacking of the epidermal growth factor receptor via its oncogenic ion channel, the E5 viroporin: a new mechanism of virus-driven pathogenesis) studying the third oncoprotein of HPV called E5. This protein is less understood in comparison to E6 and E7, although work from our group has shown that E5 plays roles in the virus life cycle and is a member of the virus coded ion channel family of viroporins. This position aims to increase our understanding of how E5 regulates critical host processes in keratinocytes. It will make significant use of established primary cell culture models and will develop new models in oral keratinocytes. The post-doctoral fellow will be assisted by a technically excellent research technician vacancy. Candidates for both positions must be passionate about virology and have the drive to generate data, publish manuscripts and to increase our knowledge of this critical human pathogen. The deadline for application is 5th October 2018 and shortlisted candidates will be called to interview soon afterwards. Informal requests for further information should be submitted to