Physiology and pharmacology of performance enhancement in sport

Performance 2012 was a successful project engaging with a wide section of the society in the physiology, pharmacology and ethics of performance enhancement in sport. In this open access web site, resources have been prepared and can be freely used for others to run similar events in the future.

The project involved three key events for the Olympic year:

  • A mock drugs testing laboratory and debate on the use of drugs in sport. For KS4 & 5 pupils during National Science Week and the Leeds Festival of Science.
  • An ethical debate on the roles and responsibilities, of those working with young people in sport, to their athletes.
  • A free exhibition featuring interactive demonstrations and displays from leading researchers in the field exploring performance enhancement in sport.

Educational resources are embedded in each of the pages in context with how the sessions were run. If you would just prefer just a list of the educational resources then go direct to the education resources tab on the left side bar.

This resource has been created in order to achieve long term sustainability of the project, granting free access to all the resources developed during the three events under creative commons licence.

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