Plant Nematology at Leeds


The Plant Nematology Laboratory is an internationally recognised group working to understand the interactions between parasitic nematodes and their plant hosts, then to use this knowledge to develop new ways to control these important agricultural pests. We are part of the Centre for Plant Sciences and the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds.


The research activity of the group spans laboratory to field studies, and ranges from improving fundamental knowledge of plant nematology to using information gained, particularly from RCUK grants, to develop new agriculturally beneficial technologies. The crop focus of the research in the U.K is potatoes, extending to rice, banana and cotton in India, Africa and China. The group has received research funding from companies in the UK (e.g. Syngenta, ATC, Biogemma), and worldwide (e.g. China Seeds, Limagrain, Nestle). Our biotechnology is donated freely for developing world use. Work originating in the laboratory has led to numerous granted patents and the impact of the research has influenced government policy, and received attention on television, radio and in the national press.

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We have a Ph.D. project that is currently being advertised. Applications are welcome.

Fate and effects of pharmaceuticals in the below-ground food-web.
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