Plant Nematology at Leeds: Research Facilities

The Plant Nematology lab benefits from a strong research environment. Post-graduates work alongside
experienced post-doctoral scientists and technicians (see lab members). We have a well-equipped laboratory 
with adjoining radioisotope facility and cold room. Separate rooms house our high quality compound and 
stereo binocular microscopes (both bright-field and fluorescent) all with digital photography
and image analysis capability.

Lab space

The Plant Nematology lab space in the Centre for Plant Science.

We maintain a wide range of nematode species in our seven licensed, containment glasshouses that are
able to provide temperate to tropical environments. This is also where we carry out trials of transgenic and
other experimental plants. For larger scale trials, we have two raised beds at the University farm where we
can control soil temperature and moisture by use of undersoil heating and automated retractable rain-out
shelters. Field trials of transgenic crops such as potato and banana are undertaken both at the University
experimental farm and with partners overseas. 

The Plant Nematology Lab is well equipped with temperate and tropical transgenic glasshouses.

The Univerisity Farm allows for controlled, large-scale field trials.

The on-campus Plant Growth Suite encompasses an additional 9 modern glasshouses providing temperate,
Mediterranean and tropical environments, a suite of plant growth rooms and growth cabinets, and extensive plant tissue culture facilities.

We also make good use of the wide range of research facilities within the Faculty of Biological Sciences such as
confocal microscopy, X-ray crystallography, Mass Spectrometry and the Protein Production Facility.

Plant growth suite

The Plant Growth Suite of the Centre for Plant Science is equipped with glasshouses and a tissue culture facility.