Early Stage Training in Advanced Genetic Analysis

Research Staff:

The Advanced Genetics Analysis team are a highly interactive group of researchers within the Faculty of Biological Sciences. Their wide range of research interests (see below), supports a broad spectrum of training. All team members have an established track record of providing excellent standards of training and supervision to both UK and international postgraduate and postdoctoral scientists who have progressed to careers within the national and international communities.

Name Research Interest

Dr. Alan Berry

Directed evolution, gene shuffling, protein engineering

Prof. Roger Butlin*

Evolutionary genetics and speciation

Dr. Andrew Cuming

Embryogenesis; Plant development; Gene targeting

Prof. Brendan Davies

Molecular genetics and genomics of plant development

Prof. Phil Gilmartin*

Plant gene expression and development

Dr. Simon Goodman

Population and conservation genetics, molecular ecology, disease ecology

Prof. Alan Handyside*

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Single cell genetics

Prof. Mark Harris

Virus-host interactions in hepatitis C virus and HIV-1

Prof. Ian Hope

Interpretation of the C.elegans genome through developmental gene expression

Dr. David Iles

Genetics of neuromuscular disease. Bionanotechnology for genomics

Prof. Elwyn Isaac

Biochemistry and functional genomics of neuropeptides and peptidases

Dr. Glenn McConkey

Metabolic pathways in humans and parasites; enzymes as drug targets

Dr. Kenneth McDowall

Transcriptome and functional proteomics. Bacterial genetics

Prof. Peter Meyer

Plant epigenetics and its role in transgene expression

Dr. David Miller

Molecular genetics of human reproduction

Prof. Helen Miller

Nutrition of pigs and poultry; health and nutrient partitioning for production

Dr. Rupert Quinnell

Genetics, immunology and epidemiology of parasitic infection

Prof. Martin Richards

Reconstruction of the evolutionary history of humans using genetic markers

Dr. Marie-Anne Shaw

Genetics of susceptibility to parasitic and bacterial infections

Prof. Judith Smith

Parasite diversity, transmission and pathogenesis; host parasite co-evolution

Dr. Nicola Stonehouse

SELEX, evolution of RNA aptamers, bionanoscience, RNA-protein interaction

Prof. David Westhead

Bioinformatics: computational methods to advance biological understanding

Dr. Adrian Whitehouse

Oncogenic herpesviruses : virus – host cell interactions

Further details are provided in web sites of the individual staff member.

* Prof. Roger Butlin, now Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Sheffield
* Prof. Gilmartin, now Principle of St Mary's College at Durham University
* Prof. Alan Handyside, now Director of The Bridge Centre in London