CDT Lab Pages


These pages describe a little more about our work on staphylococcal plasmids, their replication and mobilisation. Currently they are aimed at prospective students - existing undergraduates and postgraduate students on rotation who wish to carry out their research project in the lab, and prospective new postgraduate students.

We carry out our research on level 10 of the Astbury Building. If you want to visit in person, please email to arrange a time. If you can't visit but would still like to get in touch, please let me know what aspect of the research interests you. Otherwise I'll probably direct you to this web page...

Related pages will be added to the list on the left as they are constructed.

main links

  • Lab Projects
    for current students - both Wellcome Trust rotation students and BMB undergraduates interested in carrying out projects in the lab. What we do; what we hope to do in the next 12 months.
  • Postgraduate study
    for prospective new students, including information on how to apply.
  • Plasmids pages
    with contacts for all your favorite Plasmid sites, meetings and people. The directory of other researchers with interests in Plasmid Biology has now been tranferred to the web site of the International Society for Plasmid Biology. Plasmids pages carry links to this and other related sites.

Our lab is also represented via two official sites:

  • the official Chris Thomas page of the Faculty of Biological Sciences,
    with a brief description of our own work on plasmid replication and mobilisation.