Whitehouse Lab: Current Members

Ade Whitehouse : Professor of Molecular Virology

Amy Barker : Postdoctoral Fellow

Sophie Schumann : Postdoctoral Fellow

Tim Mottram : Postdoctoral Fellow

Zoe Jackson : Postdoctoral Fellow

Sarah Kidd : Postdoctoral Fellow

Becky Foster - PhD student

Oliver Manners - PhD Student

James Murphy - PhD Student

Holli Carden - PhD Student

Katie Harper : PhD Student

Euan McDonnell : PhD Student

Freddy Weaver : PhD Student

Ellie Harrington : PhD Student


Lab Alumini

Belinda Baquero-Perez : Belinda has moved back to Spain and postdocing in Barcelona

Sam Dobson : Sam is now a postdoc with Nic Stonehouse in Leeds

Nnenna Nwogu : Nnenna is now postdocing in Pittsburgh

Alex Coleman : Alex is now a LIDA Data Scientist Intern

Gabriele Stakaityte : Gabriele has taken up a NHS clinical scientist training post

Noor Suhana Adzahar : Suhana has returned to a Teaching position in Malaysia

Anja Berndt : Anja has taken a position up at BBSRC head office

Laura Knight : Laura has taken up a NHS clinical scientist training post

Chris Owen : Chris is a Scientist at Qiagen, Manchester

Brian Jackson : Brian is now the Facility manager of the new Protein Production Facility, FBS, Leeds

Dave Hughes : Dave is now a Lecturer at St Andrews

Jen Wood : Jen is postdocing in London at Imperial College

Hannah Brown : Hannah is a Medical Writer at Fishawack

Marko Noerenburg : Marko is postdocing in Oxford

Dave Griffiths : Dave is a Medical Writer

Stuart Macnab : Stuart now works for Novartis

Adam Taylor : Adam is postdocing in Australia

Susie Turrell : Susie is a Medical Writer

Jim Boyne : Jim is a Lecturer at Bradford University

Faye Gould : Faye is a Medical Writer

Kevin Colgan : Kev is a Senior Scientist, Qiagen, Manchester

Sally Harrison : Sally is continuing his postdoc studies at LIMM

Rhos Griffiths : Rhos is a programme manager for the MRC

Mike Calderwood : Mike is a Lead scientist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston

Rob White : Rob is now a Lecturer at Imperial working on EBV

Matt Walters : Matt went to New York to do a postdoc on VZV

Pete Smith : Pete now works in industry in Boston

Kerst Hall : Kerst has just completed a Master in the History of Science

Matt Giles : Matt was a clinical fellow and has returned to Surgery

Matt Cooper : Matt is a Principle Fellow co-ordinating clinical trials for the National Cancer Research Network

Alex Stevenson : Al is a a director at Aquarius Equity Partners

Del Goodwin : Del is a clinical trials co-ordinator for Astra Zeneca