Your first day in the Faculty of Biological Sciences

Welcome! The following information should help your first day run smoothly:

First day tasks & induction

Your line manager will go through an induction checklist with you which will cover all of the information you need to know to do your job: 
Local Induction checklist
University of Leeds Induction Checklist

Personal details
Check our self-service system to verify or update location, emergency contact and other details.
Note: This requires your university username & password.

Faculty Access card
In order to gain access to the necessary areas of the faculty please complete and sign the FBS card access form. Please ensure this is also signed by your PI and returned to

Staff ID card
The Staff ID Card request form can be found at the Print & Copy Bureau website under the 'staff' section. Select 'ID Card' and you will be taken to the storefront to upload a photo and input details.

Mandatory training
All staff must annually complete the Information Governance training programme, hosted in Learning Pool (requires login). You will receive an email from the Learning Pool system once you have been enrolled, with guidance on how to access the training.

All staff must be aware of the Code of Conduct and complete the online Professional Behaviours and Relationships training on Minerva.

 The Introduction to Equality and Inclusion module on Minerva (requires login) provides all staff with a baseline perspective on Equality and Inclusion at Leeds.

The Sustainability in Practice module on Minerva (requires login) is appropriate for all staff and is designed to explore the fundamentals of sustainability. You will explore what sustainability is, why it is important and what part you can play.

Mandatory Health and Safety e-learning - Staff need to complete the three short online modules on Fire Safety, Manual Handling and Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

Staff Web Profile
People profiles are search-friendly, media-rich web pages of professional and biographical information.The purpose of your profile is to share key contact information with students, colleagues and external stakeholders. Your profile is also a great platform to communicate details of your research specialisms, published works and wider interests.

Access and edit your online profile here.

If you do not already have a profile created please contact

Equality monitoring information
The Equality & Inclusion Unit is always seeking to gain a better understanding of how employees from all different backgrounds are being treated at work, by gathering and analysing equality monitoring data (age, caring responsibilities, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion or belief and sexual orientation).

The equality data is kept in an area of SAP which has exceptionally restricted access to ensure it's totally confidential. The information we collect will only be used for statistical analysis - none of it will enable individuals to be identified. We recognise that for some people the information requested may be sensitive and they may wish not to share this with us at present, so there is a 'Prefer not to answer' option for all questions. 

To review and update your equality monitoring information, access the ESS/MSS site using your IT login details, go to 'personal information' and open the tab titled 'equality data'.

University Self-Service system

The University self-service system allows you to view and update certain aspects of your personal and work related data, view payslips online and request annual leave. If you are a manager the system will also allow you to view and report on certain data relating to the employees you are responsible for, approve annual leave and request leave on an employee’s behalf.

When you log in for the first time you will need to check that your personal data is correct, in particular the personal work schedule you have been allocated, this is located in the Work Information area. If this seems incorrect please contact HR so that it can be amended as soon as possible.

Further information, FAQ and detailed user guides can be found here

Organisation & key contacts

Our Faculty Organisational Chart details who you need to speak to in all areas of the faculty and their contact details. This can be found on the FBS Resource Portal homepage.

You can search for FBS staff here.

What next?

This University expects all new staff to visit the 'Welcome to Leeds’ new staff pages where you can find links to useful information, which provides an important element of the overall induction of recently-appointed staff.

You can also find information for booking onto the University Welcome Event for new starters. Sessions are held a number of times during the academic year, to book a place please follow this link: 'University Welcome Event'

Getting around

We are located near the city centre and the local signposting can be a bit tricky so please allow plenty of time to get here. The Faculty of Biological Sciences is located in the southern part of the University of Leeds campus. Look out for the green and white signposts on campus to help you find your way.

The University has a map to help you.

If you need directions, please check our location details and maps.

Find out about our campus.