Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Sue Whittle

BSc, Leeds; PhD, Leeds; PGCLTHE
Associate Professor
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Garstang 8.50a, +44(0) 113 34 33114, email address for  

Research Interests

Student education

My research interests include:

  • the support of students during transition between school and university, and between phases of undergraduate study.
  • the development of students' transferable skills, both before entry to university and during undergraduate study. Projects have included studying the effect of first year courses on skills development, effects of changes to UK secondary education, and differences between the transferable skills of intakes to a range of UK and South African medical schools.
  • the use of on-line resources and blended learning; recent projects have included the design, implementation and evaluation of on-line resources to support the development of students' laboratory skills (http://www.virtual-labs.leeds.ac.uk/), Career Planning (iDecide), and support of returning students (Year 2 support resource).
  • the use of educational environment surveys to evaluate and enhance the student experience.
  • the development of modules using 'flipped classroom' techniques which utilise REF case studies to enhance students' understanding of the impact of research outputs.

These projects have been supported through awards of University of Leeds Student Education Fellowships in 2010 and 2014.

I was awarded a Senior Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) in 2014.

External Activities

I am an accreditor for the HEA, and External Examiner (University of Birmingham, MBChB).



Studentship information

Undergraduate project topics:

  • The role of nutrition in health and disease
  • Making science fun - students into primary schools

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Modules managed

BIOC3160 - Laboratory/Literature/Computing Research Project
BIOL1225 - How can Biological Sciences change the world
BIOL1302 - Introductory Skills for Biological Sciences
BIOL1303 - Introductory Skills for Biotechnology
BIOL3306 - Biological Sciences Research Project
BIOL3397 - Biotechnology Research Project
MICR3080 - Microbiology Research Project
MICR3110 - Medical Microbiology Research Project
MICR3370 - Microbiology with Virology Research Project

Modules taught

BIOC1301 - Introductory Integrated Biochemistry: the Molecules and Processes of Life
BIOC2301 - Intermediate Integrated Biochemistry
BIOC2303 - Intermediate Biochemistry: Skills
BIOC3160 - Laboratory/Literature/Computing Research Project
BIOC3160/BOL3306/3398/MICR3080/3110/3190/3370 - MCB projects
BIOL1225 - How can Biological Sciences change the world
BIOL1302 - Introductory Skills for Biological Sciences
BIOL1302/1303 - Intro skills - Biological Sciences and Biotechnology
BIOL1302/1303/MICR1320 - Intro skills - Biological Science and Microbiology
BIOL1305 - Integrated Skills in Biosciences 1
BIOL2211 - Human Diseases
BIOL2301 - Intermediate Skills for Biological Sciences
BIOL2301/03/MICR2320 - Skills for Biol Sci and Microbiology
BIOL3306 - Biological Sciences Research Project
BMSC1103 - Basic Laboratory and Scientific Skills
BOL3306/3397/MICR3080/3110/3190/3370 - MCB projects
FOBS1135/BIOL1112 - The Basis of Life/The molecules of life
FOBS1201/BIOL1214 - Molecular Physiology/Multicellular Systems
MEDI1216 - Introduction to Medical Sciences
MEDI1218 - RESS project
MEDI1220 - Body Systems
SPSC2203 - Exercise Biochemistry


Member of Faculty Taught Student Education Committee (Co-opted member)
Member of Undergraduate School Taught Student Education Committee (Programme Manager: Biological Sciences & Biotechnology with Enterprise)