Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Sally Whiteman

MA (University of Oxford); D.Phil. (University of Oxford)
Enterprise Officer

Contact:  Miall 7.10, +44(0) 113 343 5704, email address for  

Responsible for undertaking a range of activities to assist academics with delivery of impact from excellent research to external beneficiaries .

1. Support for impact agenda pre- and post-award:

a.       Assistance with impact parts of Research Council grant applications - Impact Summaries/Pathways to Impact.
b.      Assist accessing non-traditional research sponsors.
2. Assistance with commercialisation:
a.       Assistance with first four stages of “Commercialisation Readiness Levels (CRLs)” for projects investigating end-user/commercial benefits. These CRLs form the basis of the process being used by Commercialisation Services to map the progression of a research idea through to a commercial product.
b.      Liaison with University of Leeds Commercialisation Services to maximise the success of each opportunity.
3. Assistance with other types of impact delivery:
a.      Assistance for non-commercial projects with development of impact/innovation activities e.g. identification of beneficiaries, activities to engage with beneficiaries.

4. Development of future Research Excellence Framework impact case studies

5. Sourcing and promoting internal UoL funds or external funds to support impact activities and delivery such as pump priming, proof of concept, proof of market, partnership building, stakeholder workshops and similar activities.