Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Sophie Schumann

Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Garstang, email address for  

Schumann S, Whitehouse A Targeting the human TREX complex to prevent herpesvirus replication: What is new? Future Virology 12 81-83, 2017

Schumann S, Jackson BR, Yule I, Whitehead SK, Revill C, Foster R, Whitehouse A Targeting the ATP-dependent formation of herpesvirus ribonucleoprotein particle assembly as an antiviral approach Nature Microbiology 2 -, 2016
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Schumann S, Baquero-Perez B, Whitehouse A Interactions between KSHV ORF57 and the novel human TREX proteins, CHTOP and CIP29 Journal of General Virology 97 1904-1910, 2016
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Owen CB, Hughes DJ, Baquero-Perez B, Berndt A, Schumann S, Jackson BR, Whitehouse A Utilising proteomic approaches to understand oncogenic human herpesviruses (Review). Molecular and clinical oncology 2 891-903, 2014
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Schumann S, Jackson BR, Baquero-Perez B, Whitehouse A Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus ORF57 protein: Exploiting all stages of viral mRNA processing Viruses 5 1901-1923, 2013
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