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Dr Mahesh Sankaran

MSc, Pilani, India; MS Auburn, USA; PhD May 2001, Syracuse, USA
School of Biology

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BLGY1117 - Ecology in a Changing World

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BLGY3133 - Advanced topics in Ecology
BLGY5153M - African Field Ecology

Varma V; Ratnam J; Viswanathan V; Osuri AM; Biesmeijer JC; Madhusudan MD; Sankaran M; Krishnadas M; Barua D; Budruk M Perceptions of priority issues in the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in India Biological Conservation 187 201-211, 2015
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Seabloom EW; Borer ET; Buckley YM; Cleland EE; Davies KF; Firn J; Harpole WS; Hautier Y; Lind EM; MacDougall AS Plant species' origin predicts dominance and response to nutrient enrichment and herbivores in global grasslands. Nature communications 6 7710-, 2015
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Osuri AM; Madhusudan MD; Kumar VS; Chengappa SK; Kushalappa CG; Sankaran M Spatio-temporal variation in forest cover and biomass across sacred groves in a human-modified landscape of India's Western Ghats Biological Conservation 178 193-199, 2014
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Krishnaswamy J; Vaidyanathan S; Rajagopalan B; Bonell M; Sankaran M; Bhalla RS; Badiger S Non-stationary and non-linear influence of ENSO and Indian Ocean Dipole on the variability of Indian monsoon rainfall and extreme rain events Climate Dynamics -, 2014
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Kohli M; Sankaran M; Suryawanshi KR; Mishra C A penny saved is a penny earned : lean season foraging strategy of an alpine ungulate Animal Behaviour 92 93-100, 2014
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Hautier Y; Seabloom EW; Borer ET; Adler PB; Harpole WS; Hillebrand H; Lind EM; MacDougall AS; Stevens CJ; Bakker JD Eutrophication weakens stabilizing effects of diversity in natural grasslands. Nature 508 521-525, 2014
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Lehmann CE; Anderson TM; Sankaran M; Higgins SI; Archibald S; Hoffmann WA; Hanan NP; Williams RJ; Fensham RJ; Felfili J Savanna vegetation-fire-climate relationships differ among continents. Science 343 548-552, 2014
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Osuri AM; Kumar VS; Sankaran M Altered stand structure and tree allometry reduce carbon storage in evergreen forest fragments in India's Western Ghats Forest Ecology and Management 329 375-383, 2014
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Wordley CFR; Foui EK; Mudappa D; Sankaran M; Altringham JD Acoustic identification of bats in the Southern Western Ghats, India Acta Chiropterologica 16 213-222, 2014
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Sankaran M; Augustine DJ; Ratnam J Native ungulates of diverse body sizes collectively regulate long-term woody plant demography and structure of a semi-arid savanna JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY 101 1389-1399, 2013

Seabloom EW; Borer ET; Buckley Y; Cleland EE; Davies K; Firn J; Harpole WS; Hautier Y; Lind E; Macdougall A Predicting invasion in grassland ecosystems: is exotic dominance the real embarrassment of richness? Global Change Biology 19 3677-3687, 2013
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Sankaran M; Mcnaughton SJ Terrestrial Plant-Herbivore Interactions: Integrating Across Multiple Determinants and Trophic Levels, 2013

Moustakas A; Kunin WE; Cameron TC; Sankaran M Facilitation or competition? Tree effects on grass biomass across a precipitation gradient. PLoS One 8 e57025-, 2013
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Velho N; Ratnam J; Srinivasan U; Sankaran M Shifts in community structure of tropical trees and avian frugivores in forests recovering from past logging Biological Conservation 153 32-40, 2012
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Ratnam J; Bond WJ; Fensham RJ; Hoffmann WA; Archibald S; Lehmann CER; Anderson MT; Higgins SI; Sankaran M When is a 'forest' a savanna, and why does it matter? GLOBAL ECOL BIOGEOGR 20 653-660, 2011

Higgins SI; Scheiter S; Sankaran M The stability of African savannas: insights from the indirect estimation of the parameters of a dynamic model ECOLOGY 91 1682-1692, 2010

Moustakas A; Wiegand K; Meyer KM; Ward D; Sankaran M Learning new tricks from old trees: revisiting the savanna question Frontiers of Biogeography 2 47-53, 2010

Sankaran M Diversity patterns in savanna grassland communities: implications for conservation strategies in a biodiversity hotspot BIODIVERS CONSERV 18 1099-1115, 2009

Srivastava DS; Cardinale BJ; Downing AL; Duffy JE; Jouseau C; Sankaran M; Wright JP Diversity has stronger top-down than bottom-up effects on decomposition ECOLOGY 90 1073-1083, 2009

Duffy JE; Srivastava DS; McLaren J; Solan M; Sankaran M; Griffin J; Emmerson M; Jones KE Forecasting decline in ecosystem services under realistic scenarios of extinction. In Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning, and Human Wellbeing: An Ecological and Economic Perspective. , 2009

Sankaran M; Anderson MT Management and restoration in African savannas: Interactions and feedbacks In New Models for Ecosystem Dynamics and Restoration , 2009

Cardinale BJ; Srivastava DS; Duffy JE; Wright JP; Downing AL; Sankaran M; Jouseau C; Cadotte MW; Carroll IT; Weis JJ Effects of biodiversity on the functioning of ecosystems: A summary of 164 experimental manipulations of species richness. ECOLOGY 90 854-854, 2009

Ratnam J; Sankaran M; Hanan NP; Grant RC; Zambatis N Nutrient resorption patterns of plant functional groups in a tropical savanna: variation and functional significance OECOLOGIA 157 141-151, 2008

Sankaran M; Ratnam J; Hanan N Woody cover in African savannas: the role of resources, fire and herbivory GLOBAL ECOL BIOGEOGR 17 236-245, 2008

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Bunker DE; DeClerck F; Bradford JC; Colwell RK; Perfecto I; Phillips OL; Sankaran M; Naeem S Species loss and aboveground carbon storage in a tropical forest SCIENCE 310 1029-1031, 2005

Bunker DE; DeClerck F; Bradford JC; Colwell RK; Perfecto I; Phillips OL; Sankaran M; Naeem S Ecology: Species loss and aboveground carbon storage in a tropical Science 310 1029-1031, 2005
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Sankaran M Fire, grazing and the dynamics of tall-grass savannas in the Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. Conservation&Society 3 4-25, 2005

Sankaran M; McNaughton SJ Terrestrial plant-herbivore interactions: integrating across multiple determinants and trophic levels In Vegetatation Ecology , 2005

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Sankaran M; Augustine DJ Large herbivores suppress decomposer abundance in a semiarid grazing ecosystem ECOLOGY 85 1052-1061, 2004

Sankaran M; McNaughton SJ Determinants of biodiversity regulate compositional stability of communities Nature 401 691-693, 1999
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