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Dr Mahesh Sankaran

MSc, Pilani, India; MS Auburn, USA; PhD May 2001, Syracuse, USA
School of Biology

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BLGY3133 - Advanced Topics in Ecology

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BLGY1124/1128 - The Diversity of Life/Living Planet
BLGY1304 - Research Experience and Skills Level 1
BLGY2301 - Research Experience and Skills Level 2
BLGY3021 - Research Project
BLGY3133 - Advanced Topics in Ecology
BLGY5111M/5112M - MRes Bio & Cons Skills II/Advanced Statistics
BLGY5153M - African Field Ecology


Felicity Edwards (Co-supervisor) 10% FTE

Iyengar SB, Bagchi S, Barua D, Mishra C, Sankaran M A dominant dwarf shrub increases diversity of herbaceous plant communities in a Trans-Himalayan rangeland Plant Ecology 218 843-854, 2017
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Wordley CFR, Sankaran M, Mudappa D, Altringham JD Bats in the Ghats: Agricultural intensification reduces functional diversity and increases trait filtering in a biodiversity hotspot in India Biological Conservation 210 48-55, 2017
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Dohn J, Augustine DJ, Hanan NP, Ratnam J, Sankaran M Spatial vegetation patterns and neighborhood competition among woody plants in an East African savanna Ecology 98 478-488, 2017
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Ratnam J, Tomlinson KW, Rasquinha DN, Sankaran M Savannahs of Asia: Antiquity, biogeography, and an uncertain future Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 371 -, 2016
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Varma V, Iyengar SB, Sankaran M Effects of nutrient addition and soil drainage on germination of N-fixing and non-N-fixing tropical dry forest tree species Plant Ecology 217 1043-1054, 2016
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Rasquinha DN, Sankaran M Modelling biome shifts in the Indian subcontinent under scenarios of future climate change CURRENT SCIENCE 111 147-156, 2016

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Wordley CFR, Foui EK, Mudappa D, Sankaran M, Altringham JD Range extension of the endangered Salim Ali's Fruit Bat Latidens salimalii (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae) in the Anamalai Hills, Tamil Nadu, India Journal of Threatened Taxa 8 9486-9490, 2016
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Varma V, Ratnam J, Viswanathan V, Osuri AM, Biesmeijer JC, Madhusudan MD, Sankaran M, Krishnadas M, Barua D, Budruk M, Isvaran K, Jayapal R, Joshi J, Karanth KK, Krishnaswamy J, Kumar R, Mukherjee S, Nagendra H, Niphadkar M, Owen N, Page N, Prasad S, Quader S, Nandini R, Robin VV, Sait SM, Shah MA, Somanathan H, Srinivasan U, Sundaram B Perceptions of priority issues in the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in India Biological Conservation 187 201-211, 2015
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Osuri AM, Madhusudan MD, Kumar VS, Chengappa SK, Kushalappa CG, Sankaran M Spatio-temporal variation in forest cover and biomass across sacred groves in a human-modified landscape of India's Western Ghats Biological Conservation 178 193-199, 2014
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Krishnaswamy J, Vaidyanathan S, Rajagopalan B, Bonell M, Sankaran M, Bhalla RS, Badiger S Non-stationary and non-linear influence of ENSO and Indian Ocean Dipole on the variability of Indian monsoon rainfall and extreme rain events Climate Dynamics -, 2014
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Kohli M, Sankaran M, Suryawanshi KR, Mishra C A penny saved is a penny earned : lean season foraging strategy of an alpine ungulate Animal Behaviour 92 93-100, 2014
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