Faculty of Biological Sciences

Prof David Rowlands

BSc (1961), London; PhD (1967), Southampton.
Emeritus Professor of Molecular Virology
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Background: 1964-1983 Animal Virus Research Institute, Pirbright; 1983-1995 Wellcome Foundation; 1996-present Professor of Molecular Virology, Division of Microbiology, School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Leeds.

Contact:  Garstang 8.60 | +44(0) 113 34 35641 | email address for Prof David Rowlands 

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Group Leader Prof David Rowlands  (Emeritus Professor of Molecular Virology)

Replication of positive strand RNA viruses 


Oluwapelumi Adeyemi  
James Kelly  

Foster TL; Thompson GS; Kalverda AP; Kankanala J; Bentham M; Wetherill LF; Thompson J; Barker AM; Clarke D; Noerenberg M; Pearson AR; Rowlands DJ; Homans SW; Harris M; Foster R; Griffin S Structure-guided design affirms inhibitors of hepatitis C virus p7 as a viable class of antivirals targeting virion release. Hepatology 59 408-422, 2014
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De Colibus L; Wang X; Spyrou JA; Kelly J; Ren J; Grimes J; Puerstinger G; Stonehouse N; Walter TS; Hu Z; Wang J; Li X; Peng W; Rowlands DJ; Fry EE; Rao Z; Stuart DI More-powerful virus inhibitors from structure-based analysis of HEV71 capsid-binding molecules. Nat Struct Mol Biol 21 282-288, 2014
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Goodwin S; Tuthill TJ; Arias A; Killington RA; Rowlands DJ Foot-and-mouth disease virus assembly: processing of recombinant capsid precursor by exogenous protease induces self-assembly of pentamers in vitro in a myristoylation-dependent manner. J Virol 83 11275-11282, 2009
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StGelais C; Foster TL; Verow M; Atkins E; Fishwick CW; Rowlands D; Harris M; Griffin S Determinants of hepatitis C virus p7 ion channel function and drug sensitivity identified in vitro. J Virol 83 7970-7981, 2009
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View abstract

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View abstract

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Pegna M; Molinari H; Zetta L; Melacini G; Gibbons WA; Brown F; Rowlands DJ; Chan E; Mascagni P The solution conformational features of two highly homologous antigenic peptides of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus serotype A, variants A and USA, correlate with their serological properties. Journal of Peptide Science 2 91-105, 1996

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Rowlands DJ Editorship: Virus Research Virus Research 91 -,