Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Neil Ranson

BSc, PhD 1997, Bristol
Associate Professor
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Astbury 8.108 | +44(0) 113 34 37065 | email address for  

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BIOC1301 - Intro Inte Biochem Mol Process
BIOC1303 - Intro Biochem Problem Solving
BIOC2301 - Interm Integrated Biochemistry
BIOC2302 - Intermediate Biochem: Prac
BIOC2303 - Intermediate Biochem: Skills
BIOC3111/12/BIOL3112/MICR3120 b - ATU 36 - Visualising viruses
BIOC3160 - Lab/Lit/Comp Research Project
BIOC3303 - Advanced Biochem: Skills
BIOL1112 - The Molecules of Life
BIOL5212M/5321M - Bioimaging
BIOL5272M - Advanced Biomolecular Technologies
BMSC2120 - Scientific Skills
MICR3110 - Microbiology Research Programme

Tipping KW; Karamanos TK; Jakhria T; Iadanza MG; Goodchild SC; Tuma R; Ranson NA; Hewitt EW; Radford SE pH-induced molecular shedding drives the formation of amyloid fibril-derived oligomers Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112 E5691-E5696, 2015
View abstract

Geraets JA; Dykeman EC; Stockley PG; Ranson NA; Twarock R Asymmetric Genome Organization in an RNA Virus Revealed via Graph-Theoretical Analysis of Tomographic Data PLoS Computational Biology 11 -, 2015
View abstract

Bakker SE; Groppelli E; Pearson AR; Stockley PG; Rowlands DJ; Ranson NA Limits of structural plasticity in a picornavirus capsid revealed by a massively expanded equine rhinitis A virus particle. Journal of Virology 88 6093-6099, 2014
View abstract

Goodchild SC; Sheynis T; Thompson R; Tipping KW; Xue WF; Ranson NA; Beales PA; Hewitt EW; Radford SE β2-Microglobulin amyloid fibril-induced membrane disruption is enhanced by endosomal lipids and acidic pH. PLoS One 9 e104492-, 2014
View abstract

Dent K; Thompson R; Barker A; Hiscox J; Barr J; Stockley P; Ranson N The Asymmetric Structure of an Icosahedral Virus Bound to Its Receptor Suggests a Mechanism for Genome Release Structure 21 1225-1234, 2013
View abstract

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View abstract

Ford RJ; Barker AM; Bakker SE; Coutts RH; Ranson NA; Phillips SE; Pearson AR; Stockley PG Sequence-specific, RNA-protein interactions overcome electrostatic barriers preventing assembly of satellite tobacco necrosis virus coat protein. J Mol Biol 425 1050-1064, 2013
View abstract

Keef T; Wardman JP; Ranson NA; Stockley PG; Twarock R Structural constraints on the three-dimensional geometry of simple viruses: Case studies of a new predictive tool Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations of Crystallography 69 140-150, 2013
View abstract

Stockley PG; Barker AM; Borodavka A; Ford RJ; Pearson AR; Ranson NA; Tuma R; Twarock R; Dykeman E; Phillips SEV Packaging signals in single-stranded RNA viruses: nature's alternative to a purely electrostatic assembly mechanism Journal of Biological Physics 1-11, 2013
View abstract

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View abstract

Dykeman EC; Grayson NE; Toropova K; Ranson NA; Stockley PG; Twarock R Simple Rules for Efficient Assembly Predict the Layout of a Packaged Viral RNA J MOL BIOL 408 399-407, 2011

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Rolfsson O; Toropova K; Ranson NA; Stockley PG Mutually-induced conformational switching of RNA and coat protein underpins efficient assembly of a viral capsid. J Mol Biol 401 309-322, 2010
View abstract

Rolfsson O; Toropova K; Ranson NA; Stockley PG Mutually-induced Conformational Switching of RNA and Coat Protein Underpins Efficient Assembly of a Viral Capsid J MOL BIOL 401 309-322, 2010

Carter SD; Dent KC; Atkins E; Foster TL; Verow M; Gorny P; Harris M; Hiscox JA; Ranson NA; Griffin S Direct visualization of the small hydrophobic protein of human respiratory syncytial virus reveals the structural basis for membrane permeability FEBS LETT 584 2786-2790, 2010

Toropova K; Basnak G; Twarock R; Stockley PG; Ranson NA The three-dimensional structure of genomic RNA in bacteriophage MS2: Implications for assembly J MOL BIOL 375 824-836, 2008

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Toropova K; Basnak G; Twarock R; Stockley PG; Ranson NA The three-dimensional structure of genomic RNA in bacteriophage MS2: Implications for assembly, 2007

Ranson NA; Stromer T; Bousset L; Melki R; Serpell LC Insights into the architecture of the Ure2p yeast protein assemblies from helical twisted fibrils Protein Science 15 2481-2487, 2006
View abstract

Ranson NA; Clare DK; Farr GW; Houldershaw D; Horwich AL; Saibil HR Allosteric signaling of ATP hydrolysis in GroEL-GroES complexes NAT STRUCT MOL BIOL 13 147-152, 2006

Stockley PG; Ashcroft AE; Francese S; Thompson GS; Ranson NA; Smith AM; Homans SW; Stonehouse NJ Dissecting the fine details of assembly of a T=3 capsid Journal of Theoretical Medicine 6 119-125, 2005

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View abstract

Roseman AM; Ranson NA; Gowen B; Fuller SD; Saibil HR The ATP-bound state of the E Coli Chaperonin GroEL studied by Cryo-Electron Microscopy Journal of Structural Biology 135 115-125, 2001