Faculty of Biological Sciences

Prof Paul Millner

BSc, PhD Feb 1979, Leeds
Professor in Bionanotechnology
School of Biomedical Sciences

Background: Postdoctoral work at Purdue University, Indiana USA and Imperial College, London. Appointed Lecturer 1986, Senior Lecturer 1993, Reader 2006.

Contact:  Garstang 6.44f, +44(0) 113 34 33149/34272, email address for  

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Research Interests

Nano-scale enginering of surfaces for biosensor applications, nanoparticulate supports, bio-affinity systems

Reagentless Electrochemical Biosensors:

an immunosensor

We have developed a new reagentless immunosensor platform which allows highly sensitive single step measurement of a wide range of substances. Biosensors developed include those for GM-material in food stuffs (EC Project IMAGEMO), based on affinity immobilisation of tagged antibodies to self assembled mixed monolayers (Fig. 1) or to electropolymerised polyaniline layers (EC Project ELISHA - see www.immunosensors.com). Immunosensors for antibiotics, herbicides, cardiac, cancer and neurodegenerative disease markers have been developed, whilst immunosensors for viruses are under development. We are using other binding proteins to create biosensors for chitin (fungal infection marker) and low Mw hydrophobic molecules. In particular, we are interested in the nanoscale structure of the sensor surface and how this influences the impedance signals observed.


biosilicate nanoparticles

Nanoparticle and microparticles:
Work is ongoing to develop nanoparticles of various compositions as enzyme supports for biocatalysis and for applications in biosensing. Biosilicate nanoparticles of defined dimensions and biosilicate surface coating have been produced which can entrap and/or stabilise commercially interesting enzymes (EC Project SANTS - www.sants-nanosilicates.com). An scanning EM image of the nanoparticles is shown in Fig. 2.

We have also developed polymeric nanoparticles within project EC Project COMBIO; these have 'tunable' properties including user defined size and a range of surface chemistries to allow attachment of other biomolecules and aggregation by simple manipulation of pH or ionic environment. Magnetic nanoparticles have also been developed.

We have also developed microparticles based on carageenan, a natural biodegradeable polysaccharide isolated from red seaweeds which provide cheap, biodegradeable and disposable supports for the attachment of enzymes for biocatalysis.


Faculty Research and Innovation

Studentship information

Undergraduate project topics:

  • Fast electrical interrogation of biosensors
    Keywords: Biosensor, electrode, quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), nanotechnology (Laboratory)
  • Application of functionalised nanoparticles for biosensing and intraoperative cancer imaging
    Keywords: nanoparticle synthesis, size measurement, antibody, nanotechnology (Laboratory)
  • Fabrication of photosensitizer loaded nanostructured surfaces for microbial and chemical water pollutant cleanup.
    Keywords: electrospun nanofibres, metal oxide nanorods, photosensitizers, nanotechnology (Laboratory)

Postgraduate studentship areas:

  • Enzyme-based biosensors and immunosensors for medical, food and envronmental analyses
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying impedance biosensor signal generation
  • Application of functionalised nanoparticles for biosensing and cancer imaging
  • fabrication of very high area surfaces and their application to photosensitized water cleanup

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Modules managed

BMSC3238 - Biomedical Nanotechnology

Modules taught

BIOL5262M - Molecular Diagnostics and Drug Delivery
BIOL5276M - Medical Diagnostics
BIOL5294M - MSc Bioscience Research Project Proposal
BIOL5372M - Advanced Biomolecular Technologies
BIOL5392M - Bioscience MSc Research Project
BMSC1213 - Basic Laboratory and Scientific Skills 2
BMSC2233 - Topics in Medical Sciences
BMSC3140 - Advanced Scientific Skills
BMSC3238 - Biomedical Nanotechnology
BMSC3301 - Research Project in Biomedical Sciences

Centre membership: The Centre for Molecular Nanoscience

Group Leader Prof Paul Millner  (Professor in Bionanotechnology)

Nano-scale enginering of surfaces for biosensor applications, nanoparticulate supports, bio-affinity systems 

Dr Timothy Gibson  (Visiting Research Administrator)

Research Interests and Practical Exploitation of Research:
Biosensors and Chemical Sensor Technology, Electronic Nose Technology, Molecular Interactions at Sensor Surfaces and Stabilisation of Proteins, Enzymes and Antibodies.

Mr Jack Goode  (Research Fellow in Optical Nanobiosensors for Infection Biomarkers)

Dr Lewis Mackenzie  (Research Fellow)

Biomedical optics, nano-sensor development, blood diagnostics, in vivo oximetry 

Dr Alexandre Vakurov  (Research Fellow)


Eiman Alenezi (Primary supervisor) 60% FTE
Kaniz Chowdhury (Primary supervisor) 75% FTE
Thanisorn Mahatnirunkul (Primary supervisor) 50% FTE
Hussaini Majiya (Primary supervisor) 75% FTE
Shazana Hilda Binti Shamsuddin (Primary supervisor) 50% FTE
Pattanapong Thangsunan (Primary supervisor) 50% FTE
Andrew Brown (Co-supervisor) 10% FTE
Yazan Sulaiman Khaled (Co-supervisor) 33% FTE
Forough Torabi Baghkomeh (Co-supervisor) 50% FTE

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