Faculty of Biological Sciences

Prof Jens Krause

DipBiol, Berlin; MPhil, PhD, Cambridge.
Visiting Professor
School of Biology

Background: Graduated in Biology at the Free University of Berlin, Germany, in 1990 which was followed by an M.Phil. in Applied Biology at Queens' College, Cambridge. In his Ph.D. at St. John's College, Cambridge, he studied the evolution of group-living using fish shoals as a model system from 1991-1993. He then spent two years working on parasite-mediated changes in fish behaviour and on the structure of fish shoals at Mount Allison University, Canada, and one year at Princeton University, U.S.A. Jens Krause was appointed as a Lecturer at the University of Leeds in 1996 and promoted to Professor of Behavioural Ecology in 2004.

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