Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr William Hoppitt

Lecturer in Zoology
School of Biology

Contact:  Manton 8.03, +44(0) 113 34 32852, email address for  

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My main research is on the topic of social learning (learning from others): an interdisciplinary topic of interest to psychology, social anthropology, human evolution, economics, cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence and zoology. My own research primarily concerns the development of statistical methods to study social learning in groups of animals, and the application of these methods to data from groups of animals. Whilst my aims are primarily zoological, the techniques I am developing are potentially of relevance to researchers in a broad range of disciplines.


Faculty Research and Innovation

Modules managed

BLGY1300 - Coastal and Upland Habitats Field Course
BLGY3243 - Advanced Topics in Zoology
BLGY3245 - Advanced Topics in Evolution

Modules taught

BLGY1124/1128 - The Diversity of Life/Living Planet
BLGY1300 - Coastal and Upland Habitats Field Course
BLGY1303 - Tutorials for Biology and Genetics
BLGY2100 - Enhanced Study Skills for Biologists
BLGY2222 - Animal Behaviour
BLGY3021 - Research Project
BLGY3243 - Advanced Topics in Zoology
BLGY3340 - Biology Research Projects
BLGY5380M - Extended Research Project


Sonja Wild (Primary supervisor) 70% FTE
Ruth Jeavons (Co-supervisor) 25% FTE