Dr Mark Hetherington

BSc, PhD, Leeds.
Teaching Fellow in Biomedical & Exercise Science
School of Biomedical Sciences

Contact: Garstang Level 6, +44(0) 113 34 37921, email address for  

Modules managed

SPSC2205 - Environmental Exercise Physiology

Modules taught

BMSC1103 - Basic Laboratory and Scientific Skills
BMSC1110 - Foundations of Biomedical Sciences
BMSC1215 - Life in the Extreme: Ultra Human Physiology
BMSC2117/22/3302 - Cardio-respiratory Physiology, Pharmacology and Neurosciece/Medical Pharmcology
BMSC2117/3302 - Cardio-respiratory Phys & Med Phar
BMSC2122 - Cardio-Respiratory Neuroscience
BMSC3235/36 - Advanced Topics II
SPSC2205 - Environmental Exercise Physiology
SPSC2302/BMSC2216 - Exercise Physiology

Bush VE, Hetherington MS, Kitwood TM, Norcliffe LJ, Hainsworth R Effects of heat acclimation on plasma volume and orthostatic tolerance in healthy subjects - a preliminary study, 2002