Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Henry Greathead

BSc, PhD May 1997, Nottingham
School of Biology

Background: I completed my PhD (part-time) while working as a research assistant at the University of Nottingham's Sutton Bonington Campus on a project studying protein and fat metabolism in cattle fed forage diets. I then spent two years working in industry for a contract research organisation before joining the Centre for Animal Sciences at the University of Leeds in 1998 as a Lecturer in Animal Production Science.

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Research Interests

Food from fibre

I am interested in the role of the gut microbiota in fermentative digestion, both pre- and post-gastric, and the interactions between microbiota and host. A key aim of my work is to understand and characterise the determinants of efficient utilisation of dietary fibre with a view to maximising the use of fibre in livestock diets without detriment to performance.


Current Projects

  • Characterisation of key microbial taxa associated with efficient utilisation of dietary fibre.

Faculty Research and Innovation

Studentship information

Undergraduate project topics:

  • Gut fermentation

Postgraduate studentship areas:

  • Ruminant nutrition

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Modules managed

BLGY1211 - Applied Biology and Agriculture
BLGY1236 - Practical Applied Biology
BLGY2142 - Animal Nutrition and Metabolism
BLGY3273 - Animal Nutrition Science

Modules taught

BIOL3306 - Biological Sciences Research Project
BLGY1211 - Applied Biology and Agriculture
BLGY1236 - Practical Applied Biology
BLGY1300 - Coastal and Upland Habitats Field Course
BLGY1304 - Research Experience and Skills Level 1
BLGY2142 - Animal Nutrition and Metabolism
BLGY2225 - Sustainable Food Production
BLGY2301 - Research Experience and Skills Level 2
BLGY3021 - Research Project
BLGY3105 - Applied Animal Science
BLGY3273 - Animal Nutrition Science
BLGY3340 - Biology Research Projects
FOBS1135/BLGY1115 - The Basis of Life/Introduction to Cell Biology: from Molecules to Cells and Tissues


Member of Taught Student Recruitment Group

Group Leader Dr Henry Greathead  (Lecturer)

Food from fibre 


Katie McDermott (Primary supervisor) 60% FTE
Noraini Samat (Co-supervisor) 10% FTE