Faculty of Biological Sciences

Prof Andrew Booth

BSc, PhD (Leeds), NTF, FHEA, FSB
Emeritus professor
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Garstang 10.115 | email address for Prof Andrew Booth 

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Group Leader Prof Andrew Booth  (Emeritus professor)

Booth AG; Clark BP A service-oriented virtual learning environment On the Horizon 17 232-244, 2009

Phornphisutthimas S; Panijipan B; Wood EJ; Booth AG Improving Thai students' understanding of concepts in protein purification by using Thai and English versions of a simulation program BIOCHEM MOL BIOL EDU 35 316-321, 2007

Booth AG QMShibb - Shibboleth enabling Questionmark Perception, 2006

Booth AG; Pickering OS; Lindley D Learning Secretary Hand: an Interactive Tutorial In Teaching, Technology, Textuality: Approaches to New Media , 2006
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Booth AG; Clark BP The WAFFLE Bus: a model for a service-orientated learning architecture None -, 2006

Clark BP; Booth AG SOCKET: Service-Oriented Consumer Kit for ELF Tools, 2006

Clark BP; Booth AG SOCKET and the WAFFLE Bus for Beginners, 2006

Booth AG; Clark BP; Suleman S; Garbutt RJ; Young A; Kleeman J SOCKET, 2006

Mehan S; Young A; Booth AG Guanxi: Shibboleth in e-Learning, 2005

Booth AG Visualizing protein conformational changes on a personal computer - alpha carbon pseudo bonding as a constraint for interpolation in internal coordinate space Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 19 481-486, 2001