Dr Tom Bennett

University Academic Fellow in Molecular Plant Science
School of Biology

Background: BSc. Biology, University of Leeds, 2002 PhD Biology, University of York, 2006

Contact: Manton 9.02, +44(0) 113-34-38614, email address for  

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Research Interests

Systemic coordination of plant development

Modules taught

BIOL5294M - MSc Bioscience Research Project Proposal
BIOL5392M - Bioscience MSc Research Project
BLGY1211 - Applied Biology and Agriculture
BLGY1236 - Practical Applied Biology
BLGY1303 - Tutorials for Biology and Genetics
BLGY2100 - Enhanced Study Skills for Biologists
BLGY3173 - Plant Growth, Resources and Food Security
BLGY3345 - Biology Integrated Research Projects

Dr Darren Machin  (Research Fellow )


Maxime Josse (Primary supervisor) 90% FTE

Walker CH, Bennett T Forbidden Fruit: Dominance Relationships and the Control of Shoot Architecture Annual Plant Reviews, 2018
View abstract

Lenser T, Tarkowská D, Novák O, Wilhelmsson PKI, Bennett T, Rensing SA, Strnad M, Theißen G When the BRANCHED network bears fruit: how carpic dominance causes fruit dimorphism in Aethionema Plant Journal 94 352-371, 2018
View abstract

Bythell-Douglas R, Rothfels CJ, Stevenson DWD, Graham SW, Wong GK-S, Nelson DC, Bennett TA Evolution of strigolactone receptors by gradual neofunctionalization of KAI2 paralogues BMC Biology 15, 2017
View abstract

Seale M, Bennett T, Leyser O BRC1 expression regulates bud activation potential but is not necessary or sufficient for bud growth inhibition in arabidopsis Development (Cambridge) 144 1661-1673, 2017
View abstract

Waters MT, Gutjahr C, Bennett T, Nelson DC Strigolactone Signaling and Evolution Annual Review of Plant Biology 68 291-322, 2017
View abstract

Bennett T, Liang Y, Seale M, Ward S, Müller D, Leyser O Strigolactone regulates shoot development through a core signalling pathway Biology Open 5 1806-1820, 2016
View abstract

Liang Y, Ward S, Li P, Bennett T, Leyser O SMAX1-LIKE7 Signals from the Nucleus to Regulate Shoot Development in Arabidopsis via Partially EAR Motif-Independent Mechanisms. Plant Cell 28 1581-1601, 2016
View abstract

Bennett T, Hines G, van Rongen M, Waldie T, Sawchuk MG, Scarpella E, Ljung K, Leyser O Connective Auxin Transport in the Shoot Facilitates Communication between Shoot Apices PLoS Biology 14, 2016
View abstract

Soundappan I, Bennett T, Morffy N, Liang Y, Stanga JP, Abbas A, Leyser O, Nelsona DC SMAX1-LIKE/D53 family members enable distinct MAX2-dependent responses to strigolactones and karrikins in arabidopsis Plant Cell 27 3143-3159, 2015
View abstract

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View abstract

Bennett T, Leyser O The auxin question: A philosophical overview In Auxin and Its Role in Plant Development, 2014
View abstract

Bennett T, Hines G, Leyser O Canalization: What the flux? Trends in Genetics 30 41-48, 2014
View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

Bainbridge K, Bennett T, Crisp P, Leyser O, Turnbull C Grafting in Arabidopsis Methods in Molecular Biology 1062 155-163, 2014
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Bennett T, Brockington SF, Rothfels C, Graham SW, Stevenson D, Kutchan T, Rolf M, Thomas P, Wong GKS, Leyser O, Glover BJ, Harrison CJ Paralogous radiations of PIN proteins with multiple origins of noncanonical PIN structure Molecular Biology and Evolution 31 2042-2060, 2014
View abstract

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Bennett T, Scheres B Root development-two meristems for the price of one? Current Topics in Developmental Biology 91 67-102, 2010
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Bennett T, van den Toorn A, Sanchez-Perez GF, Campilho A, Willemsen V, Snel B, Scheres B SOMBRERO, BEARSKIN1, and BEARSKIN2 regulate root cap maturation in Arabidopsis Plant Cell 22 640-654, 2010
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Willemsen V, Bauch M, Bennett T, Campilho A, Wolkenfelt H, Xu J, Haseloff J, Scheres B The NAC Domain Transcription Factors FEZ and SOMBRERO Control the Orientation of Cell Division Plane in Arabidopsis Root Stem Cells Developmental Cell 15 913-922, 2008
View abstract

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