Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Graham Askew

BSc, PhD 1995, Leeds
Associate Professsor in Muscle Function & Movement
School of Biomedical Sciences

Contact:  Garstang 5.55a | +44(0) 113 34 32897 | email address for Dr Graham Askew 

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Admin roles

FBS Graduate School Committee

Modules taught

BIOC2201/SPSC2201 - Exercise Biochemistry
BLGY2330 - Terrestrial Ecology and Behaviour Field Course
BMSC1110/SPSC1220 - Foundation modules
SPSC2302 - Exercise Physiology in Sport, Health and Disease
SPSC2304 - Mechanics of Sport and Exercise 2
SPSC2304/2213 - Mechanics of Sport and Exercise
SPSC3061 - Research Project in Sport and Exercise Science II


Member of Graduate School Committee

Centre membership: The Earth and Biosphere Institute

Group Leader Dr Graham Askew  (Associate Professsor in Muscle Function & Movement)

Dr Maria Jose Fernandez  (Research Fellow)


Alexander Evans  
Marion Kauffmann  
Roger Kissane  
Laura McFarlane  
Thomas Neil  
Katie Nicoll Baines  

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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