Faculty of Biological Sciences

by2PhD projects

Recruitment of PhD students occurs all year round and candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Denecke at any time to learn more about research opportunities in the lab and to obtain the adequate application forms, usually completed after consultation. Due to ongoing research, defined project titles are not cast in stone and are usually defined together with the applicants. However, projects are broadly related to the major research themes of the group, and the following titles may constitute a good starting point for discussion:


1) The functioning of ER chaperones in the disposal of ligands in the vacuole
2) Accumulation of specific proteins in ER subdomains
3) Understanding the full circle of events in the recycling of the plant vacuolar sorting receptor BP80
4) Understanding the last steps in the vacuolar transport route
5) Improving the efficiency of intracellular storage of valuable proteins in plant organelles for a variety of applied projects