Dr Alistair Curd

MPhys, PhD
Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact: Astbury 8.104, +44(0) 113 34 37208, email address for  

Schlichthaerle T, Eklund A, Schueder F, Strauss M, Tiede C, Curd A, Ries J, Peckham M, Tomlinson D, Jungmann R Site-specific labeling of Affimers for DNA-PAINT microscopy. Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English), 2018
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Tiede C, Bedford R, Heseltine SJ, Smith G, Wijetunga I, Ross R, Alqallaf D, Roberts APE, Balls A, Curd A, Hughes RE, Martin H, Needham SR, Zanetti-Domingues LC, Sadigh Y, Peacock TP, Tang AA, Gibson N, Kyle H, Platt GW, Ingram N, Taylor T, Coletta LP, Manfield I, Knowles M, Bell S, Esteves F, Maqbool A, Prasad RK, Drinkhill M, Bon RS, Patel V, Goodchild SA, Martin-Fernandez M, Owens RJ, Nettleship JE, Webb ME, Harrison M, Lippiat JD, Ponnambalam S, Peckham M, Smith A, Ferrigno PK, Johnson M, McPherson MJ, Tomlinson DC Affimer proteins are versatile and renewable affinity reagents eLife 6, 2017
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Lambacher NJ, Bruel AL, Van Dam TJP, Szymaska K, Slaats GG, Kuhns S, McManus GJ, Kennedy JE, Gaff K, Wu KM, Van Der Lee R, Burglen L, Doummar D, Rivière JB, Faivre L, Attié-Bitach T, Saunier S, Curd A, Peckham M, Giles RH, Johnson CA, Huynen MA, Thauvin-Robinet C, Blacque OE TMEM107 recruits ciliopathy proteins to subdomains of the ciliary transition zone and causes Joubert syndrome Nature Cell Biology 18 122-131, 2016
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Curd A, Cleasby A, Makowska K, York A, Shroff H, Peckham M Construction of an instant structured illumination microscope Methods 88 37-47, 2015
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Remenyi R, Gao Y, Hughes RE, Curd A, Zothner C, Peckham M, Merits A, Harris M Persistent Replication of a Chikungunya Virus Replicon in Human Cells is Associated with Presence of Stable Cytoplasmic Granules Containing Non-structural Protein 3. Journal of virology, 2018
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Taylor S, Knipp S, Rohwedder A, Curd A, Struve N, Peckham M, Ladbury J, Short SC, Bruning-Richardson A THE MIGRATORY SWITCH - INVESTIGATING MESENCHYMAL-AMOEBOID TRANSITION (MAT) IN HIGH GRADE GLIOMAS, 2017

Bedford R, Tiede C, Hughes R, Curd A, McPherson MJ, Peckham M, Tomlinson DC Alternative reagents to antibodies in imaging applications, 2017
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Hughes R, Lopata A, Balls A, Tiede C, Tomlinson D, Curd A, Peckham M Using small non-antibody binding proteins to visualise the cytoskeleton in super-resolution microscopy, 2017

Curd AP, Hampson KM, Mallen EA Processing blur of conflicting stimuli during the latency and onset of accommodation Vision Research 92 75-84, 2013