FBS Members of The Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Centre (MCRC)

Dr Al Benson  (Lecturer in Cardiovascular Science)
Computational modelling of cardiovascular physiology 

Prof Karen Birch  (Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Professor of Exercise Science )
Endothelial integrity, female reproductive hormones, exercise and cardiovascular disease 

Dr Sarah Calaghan  (Associate Professor in Cardiac Physiology)
Control of signalling in the cardiac cell 

Prof John Colyer  (Professor of Biotechnology)
Natural & Therapeutic Control of Cardiac Function  

Prof James Deuchars  (Professor of Systems Neuroscience)
How the central nervous system controls the autonomic system 

Prof Stuart Egginton  (Leadership Chair in Exercise Science)
Integrative cardiorespiratory and exercise physiology 

Dr Carrie Ferguson  (Lecturer in Physiology)

Prof Arun Holden  (Emeritus Professor of Computational Biology)
Computational Biology 

Prof Eileen Ingham  (Professor of Medical Immunology)
Tissue replacement and regeneration, joint prostheses, tissue engineering 

Dr Matthew Lancaster  (Lecturer in Exercise Physiology)
Cardiac adaptation, rhythms and arrhythmias 

Prof Michelle Peckham  (Professor of Cell Biology)
Myosins, motors, and muscle in health and disease 

Dr Sreenivasan Ponnambalam  (Reader in Human Disease Biology)
Receptor-ligand Complex Regulation of Blood Vessel Formation, Maintenance and Dysfunction 

Dr Harry Rossiter  (Lecturer)
Exercise bioenergetics in health and disease 

Prof Asipu Sivaprasadarao  (Professor of Membrane Biology)
Research theme: Ionic signalling, mitochondrial dynamics and stress-associated diseases  

Dr Andrew Smith  (Lecturer in Cardiovascular Science)
Stem and progenitor cells in cardiovascular tissue: myocardial tissue maintenance 

Prof Derek Steele  (Professor of Cellular Physiology)
Calcium dysregulation in skeletal and cardiac muscle diseases 

Prof Peter Stockley  (Professor of Biological Chemistry)
Protein-nucleic acid interactions, genetic regulatory mechanisms, virus assembly 

Dr Daniel Thomas  (Laboratory Manager)

Prof Anthony Turner  (Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry)
Membrane metalloproteases in health and disease 

Prof Ed White  (Professor in Cardiac Physiology)
Mechanical stimulation of the heart 

Dr Stacy-Paul Wilshaw  (Visiting Lecturer)
Tissue Replacement and Regeneration, Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering 

Dr Ian Wood  (Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience)
Uncovering the molecular mechanisms that control the gene expression in human disease