FBS Members of The Centre for Plant Sciences

Prof Howard Atkinson  (Professor of Nematology)
Nematode-resistant crops 

Prof Alison Baker  (Professor in Plant Cell and Molecular Biology)
Membrane transport processes in plants 

Dr Barry Causier  (Senior Research Fellow)

Dr Andrew Cuming  (Senior Lecturer)
Embryogenesis; Plant development; Gene targeting 

Prof Brendan Davies  (Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation, Professor of Plant Development)
Study of plant development using molecular genetics and genomics. 

Dr Carine De Marcos Lousa  (Visiting Researcher)

Prof Jurgen Denecke  (Professor of Plant Cell Biology & Biotechnology)
Plant cell secretory pathway 

Dr Yasuko Kamisugi  (Visiting Research Fellow)

Dr Stefan Kepinski  (Senior Lecturer)

Dr Celia Knight  (Visiting Research Fellow)
Moss development; Plant-microbe interactions 

Prof Paul Knox  (Professor of Plant Cell Biology)

Prof Peter Meyer  (Professor of Plant Genetics)
Plant epigenetics and its role in transgene expression 

Prof Peter Urwin  (Professor of Plant Nematology)
Devloping and deploying defenses against plant parasitic nematodes 

Dr Christopher West  (Senior Lecturer)
DNA double strand break repair in Arabidopsis