FBS Members of The Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology

Prof Alison Ashcroft  (Professor in Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry)
Mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry facility manager 

Prof Alan Berry  (Professor in Molecular Enzymology)
Engineering proteins for new functions 

Dr David Brockwell  (Associate Professor)
The effects of force on proteins and their complexes; extremophilic proteins; membrane protein folding and folding factors. 

Dr Carine De Marcos Lousa  (Visiting Researcher)

Dr Thomas Edwards  (Associate Professor)
Structural Molecular Biology 

Dr Thomas Edwards  (Associate Professor)
Structural Molecular Biology 

Prof John Findlay  (Visiting Professor)

Prof Adrian Goldman  (Chair in Membrane Biology)

Prof Mark Harris  (Professor of Virology)
Virus-host interactions in hepatitis C virus and Chikungunya virus  

Prof Peter Henderson  (Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
The molecular mechanisms, structure and regulation of membrane transport proteins in microbes and man 

Dr Eric Hewitt  (Senior Lecturer)

Dr Matthew Iadanza  (Research Fellow)

Dr Brian Jackson  (Research Facility Manager for Protein Production )
Protein Production Facility Manager 

Prof Lars Jeuken  (Professor of Molecular Biophysics)
Bioenergy, respiration and membrane biophysics 

Dr Arnout Kalverda  (NMR Facilities Manager)

Prof Peter Knight  (Professor of Molecular Contractility)
Structural basis of movement in cells and tissues 

Miss Amelia Lesiuk  (Senior Specialist Technician in Protein Purification)

Dr Andrew Macdonald  (Associate Professor in Virology)
Studies of small DNA tumour viruses that cause disease in humans 

Dr Iain Manfield  (Technology facility manager)
Currently running our Centre for Biomolecular Interactions technology facility, which provides access and training to use equipment for purifying molecules and analysing the interactions between molecules. Biophysical analysis of molecules and interactions 

Dr Kenneth McDowall  (Pro-Dean for Student Education, Senior Lecturer)
Macromolecular and genetic interactions that regulated gene expression. 

Prof Michael McPherson  (Professor of Biomolecular Engineering, Director of the BioScreening Technology Group)
Protein engineering, Affimer (artificial binding proteins) 

Dr Stephen Muench  (Lecturer in Membrane Biology)
Structure, function and molecular mechanism of large protein complexes 

Mr Andrew North  (Technician)

Dr Alex O'Neill  (Associate Professor)
Dissecting the molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and discovery of new antibacterial drugs 

Dr Emanuele Paci  (Associate Professor)
theoretical byophysics, computational chemistry and biological physics 

Prof Michelle Peckham  (Professor of Cell Biology)
Myosins, motors, and muscle in health and disease 

Prof Simon Phillips  (Visiting Astbury Professor of Biophysics)
Structure and function of protein-nucleic acid complexes 

Dr Sreenivasan Ponnambalam  (Reader in Human Disease Biology)
Receptor-ligand Complex Regulation of Blood Vessel Formation, Maintenance and Dysfunction 

Dr Vincent Postis  (Visiting Associate Professor)

Prof Sheena Radford, FMedSci, FRS  (Astbury Professor of Biophysics)
Mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding in vitro and in vivo 

Prof Neil Ranson  (Professor)
Cryo-EM of Macromolecular Assemblies including viruses and amyloids  

Prof David Rowlands  (Emeritus Professor of Molecular Virology)
Replication of positive strand RNA viruses 

Dr Charlotte Scarff  (Research Fellow)

Dr Ryan Seipke  (Lecturer in Bacteriology)
Actinomycete natural products: discovery, biosynthesis, regulation and understanding their role in the environment 

Prof Nicola Stonehouse  (Professor of Molecular Virology)
Viral replication and assembly 

Dr Christopher Thomas  (Lecturer)
Replication- and conjugation-specific proteins and the maintenance of extrachromosomal DNA 

Dr Chi Trinh  (Research Fellow)
Protein crystallography 

Dr Roman Tuma  (Reader in Structural Biology)
macromolecular assembly and dynamics, molecular motors, single molecule biophysics 

Dr Andrew Tuplin  (Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Control of replication and translation in positive-strand RNA viruses. 

Dr Patricija van Oosten-Hawle  (Lecturer in Cell Biology)

Prof David Westhead  (Professor of Bioinformatics)
Bioinformatics: the use of computational methods to advance biological understanding 

Prof Adrian Whitehouse  (Professor of Molecular Virology)

Dr Stephanie Wright  (Senior Lecturer)
Targeting transcription factor function in cancer therapy; the Myc/Max/Mxd transcription factor network in human cancer; BTB/POZ domain proteins; X-ray crystallography  

Dr Anastasia Zhuravleva  (Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Molecular mechanisms of the protein quality control network