Research Impacts

The outcomes from our faculty's research continue to make impact on: health and wellbeing, R&D investment in global business, commercialisation of scientific knowledge, evidence-based policy-making and environmental protection. See our case studies below:

Delivering benefits to joint replacement patients

Professor Ingham examinines the biological effects of wear particles from joint replacements. more

Antibodies for plant cell walls

Professor Paul Knox has undertaken research into the structure and function of plant cell walls over a number of years. more

A new use of an existing antibiotic

Professor Ian Chopra and Dr Alex O'Neill have shown that high levels of FA prevent the development of resistant bacteria. more

Engaging with policy makers to rethink concepts of sustainability for agriculture

Professor Tim Benton has been appointed to the post of UK Global Food Security Champion. more

Seabirds and fisheries — seabirds and windfarms — tropical forest biodiversity and management

Research by Dr Keith Hamer on the foraging and breeding ecology has had impact in the understanding of interactions between seabirds and fisheries. more

Enabling spinal injury patients to walk again

Research carried out by Dr Ichiyama has led to the development of a rehabilitation training regime which allows an animal with spinal cord injury causing complete paralysis to walk again. more

Weanling pig feed

Professor Miller has demonstrated a weanling pig feed formulation which avoids the use of antibiotics. more

Biosensor technology for rapid diagnostics

Professor Paul Milner has led a team of scientists on a project to develop antibody-based biosensor technologies. more

Provision of expert advice and promotion of evidence based conservation practices

Professor John Altringham's research on the conservation of bat species has promoted the need for evidence based conservation practices more

Formation of biotechnology spin out company, Badrilla

Badrilla is working with outstanding academic collaborators to develop new technologies for calibration of immunoassays. more

Caspian seal conservation

Research by Dr Simon Goodman shows how large the effect of human activity has been on the Caspian Seal. more

Developing novel approaches for pest-resistant crops

Professors Urwin and Atkinson have developed three novel technologies for nematode control. more

Tools for biomedicine - Antibodies to human proteins

The Ponnambalam laboratory undertakes research relating to cardiovascular diseases and cancer. more

Novel treatment for early stage tooth decay

Professor Sheena Radford has undertaken research to determine how peptides self-aggregate and form fibrils under certain conditions. more

Physical education for all children in mainstream schools

Dr Utley has carried out research over a number of years to increase understanding of the issues faced by children with varying types of movement and co-ordination difficulties. more

Yorkshire Dales Environment Network (YDEN)

The Yorkshire Dales Environment Network is a partnership involved in the daily life and long term protection of the Yorkshire Dales. more

Novel products for repair of damaged human tissues

Professor Eileen Ingham has led research over many years to develop improved approaches to aid healing and repair of soft tissues. more

Protection of biodiversity in the Galapagos Islands

Dr Simon Goodman has investigated the disease risks to the native Galapagos fauna. more