Faculty of Biological Sciences

Investigating the molecular and cellular processes that cause cancer, to improve patient outcomes.

Cancer researchers in FBS elucidate the molecular mechanisms that underpin cancer cell survival, proliferation and metastasis. These fundamental aspects of cancer biology are tackled through molecular, cellular, structural and chemical biology approaches. Together with colleagues across the University and the Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, we are part of the Cancer Research UK Leeds Centre, one of fifteen national centres of excellence. Our goal is to translate science into benefits for patients.

Key researchers in this area

  • Cancer
  • Prof Richard Bayliss, Professor in Molecular Medicine
    Structural biology, protein kinases, cancer, drug discovery
    Research interests
  • Dr Joan Boyes, Associate Professor
    Mechanisms by which errors in V(D)J recombination cause genome instability
    Research interests
  • Dr Edwin Chen, University Academic Fellowship in Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Biology
    Molecular basis and clonal evolution of myeloid malignancies
    Research interests
  • Prof John Ladbury, Dean Faculty of Biological Sciences, Professor of Mechanistic Biology
    Kinase signal transduction
    Research interests
  • Dr Andrew Macdonald, Associate Professor in Virology
    DNA Tumour Virology
    Research interests
  • Prof Michelle Peckham, Professor of Cell Biology
    Myosins, motors and muscles in health disease
    Research interests
  • Dr Sreenivasan Ponnambalam, Reader in Human Disease Biology
    Growth factors, Lipid Particles, Signal Transduction, Membrane Trafficking, Vascular Physiology. Control of Blood Vessel Function in Health and Disease.
    Research interests
  • Dr Natalia Riobo-Del Galdo, University Academic Fellow
    Hedgehog signal transduction in cancer and cardiovascular disease
    Research interests
  • Dr Darren Tomlinson, UAF
    Research interests
  • Prof Adrian Whitehouse, Professor of Molecular Virology
    Viruses and Cancer
    Research interests
  • Dr Stephanie Wright, Senior Lecturer
    Cancer biology, transcription factors, protein degradation, protein-protein interactions, structural biology, X-ray crystallography
    Research interests