Hongjin ChuStudent Profile

Hongjin Chu: BSc Medical Sciences

Why Leeds?

"I applied to the University due to its very good reputation for medical sciences and because there are lots of research labs here. You are given the chance to work with lecturers who are specialists in their field and tutors are always available to provide support when necessary.


I was awarded a prize award scholarship to the University, I didn’t expect to get it, but I am so happy I did as it has really helped towards my tuition fees and made my parents really proud of me. The best thing about studying here at Leeds is that every single lecturer is a specialist in their field; we are always learning fascinating new things when working with them in their labs. I hope to be a doctor in the future and I believe studying medical sciences is definitely helping me to achieve my goal!

Making friends

Coming from a different country it is not always easy to meet new people, but here I have been able to make a lot of new friends, they have helped to make my time here very pleasant. Everyone is very easygoing and happy to help. All I can say to prospective students is come join us! It will be everything you hoped for and more!"