Grace GohStudent Profile

Grace Goh: BSc Microbiology

International Student from Malaysia

Why Leeds?

"I first chose Leeds University because its microbiology department is one of the largest and best in the country. Once I arrived I found that the university facilities are also very good. There are 24 hour computer clusters available on campus and the library subscribes to nearly every journal that I have ever wanted to use, which is very handy.

The Course

I enjoy the fact that microbiology lectures are very research-driven. They allow you to see how the content is relevant to cutting-edge science outside the confines of university.

Final Year Project

My final year project has been one of the highlights of the degree as it has been extremely satisfying to have a research project of my own to take responsibility for. My supervisor and host lab were amazing and were always there whenever I needed help, which was very reassuring. My personal tutor has also always been there whenever I needed advice, and all lecturers will happily answer questions about the course material. There are always people who can point you in the right direction if necessary!

Summer Studentship

I received a summer research studentship in my second year and as part of the studentship I got to attend an international conference in Montreal, Canada. It was an amazing and eye-opening experience, and also helped me with establishing contacts worldwide.

Leisure Time

Remember, university is not just about studying – you will spend some of the best years of your life at university, so make the most out of it! The best place for a day out in Leeds is Roundhay Park, which is a short bus ride from the city centre. Also Cafe in the Campus do the best sandwiches, and the Faversham is a great place for a pint at the end of the day – both conveniently a stone’s throw from the Faculty of Biological Sciences!"