Lucy Oldacre-Bartley: BSc Medical Sciences

Research Placement with Dr Ian Wood, University of Leeds

Why Leeds and Medical Sciences?

This course particularly caught my eye, as it was both interesting and challenging, as well as developing my skills to go into research when I had finished. I absolutely knew I wanted to be in Leeds; I fell in love with the town and I could see myself fitting into university life well here. I honestly believe that I will reach my true potential here at Leeds with the assistance and support of all the staff.

I am only in my third term of first year but I love it! I was always quite an academic, studying biology, chemistry and maths at A-level and this course continues on that path with neuroscience, pharmacology and many more challenging modules that really get you thinking!

What is your research project on?

My research placement is on REST expression in cells. This project has mainly involved me aiding Dr Wood in the laboratory carrying out PCR experiments for him and analysing data.

I was a novice when entering the laboratory and so all of the skills I have acquired have been from observing and carrying out tasks whilst supervised. This has led me to undertake a whole new way of learning, and has taught me to be proactive in finding out techniques, etc. The skills I have learnt are all transferrable in any laboratory I end up in and so if I do have a career in research, these skills will aid me. This project will set me apart from my peers as it shows I have had the initiative to get myself an internship, which will be attractive when I am applying for jobs at the end of university, and indeed if I decide to do a year in industry in year 3.

What advice would you give to students coming to Leeds?

The course will stretch you to reach your full potential, the people here are lovely and the lecturers really care about making a difference to your education.