Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Sarah Deacon

PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology, Leeds. BSc Applied Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Huddersfield.
Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Astbury 7.103 | +44(0) 113 34 31402 | email address for  

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Research Interests

Development of Antibody Mimetics For Clinical Diagnostics

Raina M; Sharma R; Deacon SE; Tiede C; Tomlinson D; Davies AG; McPherson MJ; Wälti C Antibody mimetic receptor proteins for label-free biosensors Analyst 140 803-810, 2015
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Tiede C; Tang AA; Deacon SE; Mandal U; Nettleship JE; Owen RL; George SE; Harrison DJ; Owens RJ; Tomlinson DC; McPherson MJ Adhiron: a stable and versatile peptide display scaffold for molecular recognition applications. Protein Eng Des Sel 27 145-155, 2014
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Huysmans GH; Chan N; Baldwin JM; Postis VL; Tzokov SB; Deacon SE; Yao SY; Young JD; McPherson MJ; Bullough PA; Baldwin SA A urea channel from Bacillus cereus reveals a novel hexameric structure. Biochem J 445 157-166, 2012
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Glover CAP; Postis VLG; Charalambous K; Tzokov SB; Booth WI; Deacon SE; Wallace BA; Baldwin SA; Bullough PA AcrB contamination in 2-D crystallization of membrane proteins: Lessons from a sodium channel and a putative monovalent cation/proton antiporter JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 176 419-424, 2011

Deacon SE; McPherson MJ Enhanced expression and purification of fungal galactose oxidase in Escherichia coli and use for analysis of a saturation mutagenesis library. Chembiochem 12 593-601, 2011
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Deacon SE; Roach PC; Postis VL; Wright GS; Xia X; Phillips SE; Knox JP; Henderson PJ; McPherson MJ; Baldwin SA Reliable scale-up of membrane protein over-expression by bacterial auto-induction: from microwell plates to pilot scale fermentations. Mol Membr Biol 25 588-598, 2008
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Postis VLG; Deacon SE; Roach PCJ; Wright GSA; Xia X; Ingram JC; Hadden JM; Henderson PJF; Phillips SEV; McPherson MJ; Baldwin SA A high-throughput assay of membrane protein stability MOL MEMBR BIOL 25 617-624, 2008

Xia XB; Postis VLG; Rahman M; Wright GSA; Roach PCJ; Deacon SE; Ingram JC; Henderson PJF; Findlay JBC; Phillips SEV; McPherson MJ; Baldwin SA Investigation of the structure and function of a Shewanella oneidensis arsenical-resistance family transporter MOL MEMBR BIOL 25 691-705, 2008

Roach PCJ; Postis VLG; Deacon SE; Wright GSA; Ingram JC; Xia XB; McPherson MJ; Baldwin SA Large-scale preparation of bacterial cell membranes by tangential flow filtration MOL MEMBR BIOL 25 609-616, 2008

Rogers MS; Tyler EM; Akyumani N; Kurtis CR; Spooner RK; Deacon SE; Tamber S; Firbank SJ; Mahmoud K; Knowles PF; Phillips SEV; McPherson MJ; Dooley DM The stacking tryptophan of galactose oxidase: A second-coordination sphere residue that has profound effects on tyrosyl radical behavior and enzyme catalysis BIOCHEMISTRY-US 46 4606-4618, 2007

Castelletto V; Hamley IW; Kerstens SLH; Deacon SE; Thomas CD; Klok HA Spontaneous condensation in DNA-polystyrene- b-poly(l-lysine) polyelectrolyte block copolymer mixtures European Physical Journal E: Soft Matter 20 1-6, 2006
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Deacon SE; Mahmoud K; Spooner RK; Firbank SJ; Knowles PF; Phillips SEV; McPherson MJ Enhanced fructose oxidase activity in a galactose oxidase variant ChemBioChem 5 972-979, 2004
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