Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr David Wright

Teaching Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Astbury 8.107, +44(0) 113 34 32574, email address for  

Modules managed

BIOC2201 - Exercise Biochemistry
SPSC2203 - Exercise Biochemistry

Modules taught

BIOC1301 - Introductory Integrated Biochemistry: the Molecules and Processes of Life
BIOC1303 - Introductory Biochemistry: Problem Solving and Data Handling
BIOC2201 - Exercise Biochemistry
BIOC2303 - Intermediate Biochemistry: Skills
BIOC3160 - Laboratory/Literature/Computing Research Project
BIOC3303 - Advanced Biochemistry: Skills
FOBS1135/BIOL1112 - The Basis of Life/The molecules of life
MEDI1216 - Introduction to Medical Sciences
SPSC2203 - Exercise Biochemistry
SPSC2203/BIOC2201 - Exercise Biochemistry


Member of Taught Student Recruitment Group