Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Christopher Wasson

Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Garstang 8.53, +44(0) 113 34 34269, email address for  

Stakaityte G, Nwogu N, Dobson SJ, Knight LM, Wasson CW, Salguero FJ, Blackbourn DJ, Blair GE, Mankouri J, Macdonald A, Whitehouse A Merkel cell polyomavirus small T antigen drives cell motility via Rho-GTPase-induced filopodium formation Journal of Virology 92 -, 2018
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Wasson CW, Morgan EL, Müller M, Ross RL, Hartley M, Roberts S, Macdonald A Human papillomavirus type 18 E5 oncogene supports cell cycle progression and impairs epithelial differentiation by modulating growth factor receptor signalling during the virus life cycle Oncotarget 8 103581-103600, 2017
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Richards KH, Wasson CW, Watherston O, Doble R, Eric Blair G, Wittmann M, Macdonald A The human papillomavirus (HPV) E7 protein antagonises an Imiquimod-induced inflammatory pathway in primary human keratinocytes Scientific Reports 5 -, 2015
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Müller M, Wasson CW, Bhatia R, Boxall S, Millan D, Goh GYS, Haas J, Stonehouse NJ, MacDonald A YIP<inf>1</inf> family member<inf>4</inf>(YIPF<inf>4</inf>) is a novel cellular binding partner of the papillomavirus E<inf>5</inf> proteins Scientific Reports 5 -, 2015
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Müller M, Prescott EL, Wasson CW, MacDonald A Human papillomavirus E5 oncoprotein: Function and potential target for antiviral therapeutics Future Virology 10 27-39, 2015
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Richards KH, Doble R, Wasson CW, Haider M, Blair GE, Wittmann M, Macdonald A Human papillomavirus E7 oncoprotein increases production of the anti-inflammatory interleukin-18 binding protein in keratinocytes. J Virol 88 4173-4179, 2014
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Macleod T, Doble R, McGonagle D, Wasson CW, Alase A, Stacey M, Wittmann M Neutrophil Elastase-mediated proteolysis activates the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-36 Receptor antagonist. Sci Rep 6 24880-,
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