Dr Simon Walker

University Academic Fellow in Biomechanics
School of Biomedical Sciences

Background: I studied Biological Sciences at University of Oxford (2000-2003) and continued there doing first a DPhil (2003-2008) and then Postdoctoral Research (2008-2013). In 2013 I was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship to study the biomechanics of insect flight. In 2017 I transferred my Fellowship to University of Leeds where I also took up a University Academic Fellowship in Biomechanics within the School of Biomedical Sciences.

Contact: Garstang 5.55e, +44(0) 113 34 33821, email address for  

Overview My research aims to open a window upon one of nature’s most intractable biomechanical systems, the insect flight motor. In doing so it will inform us about the evolution of flight and how natural selection has shaped the form and function of insect wings and bodies across taxa. It will also provide inspiration to engineers aiming to create bio-inspired micro-robotics and more generally towards the design and control of micromechanical systems. The state-of-the-art measurement and analysis techniques that I have developed and refined can likewise be applied to other research areas to advance the wider field of biomechanics.


Modules taught

SPSC3061 - Research Project in Sport and Exercise Science II

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