Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Zahra Timsah

PhD,MSc,BSc (Principal Investigator: Projects conducted at St. James's and FBS labs)
University Academic Fellow in Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Biology
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  LIGHT 7.15b, +44(0) 113 34 30991, email address for  

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Projects: Oncology Biomarker Research

Past and present group members: Eleni Kyriakopoulou, Thomas Hall, Laura Wesley, Sujanitha Umamaheswaran, Isabelle Trayton...


Current Projects


  1. Dissecting the role of SH3 domains in ovarian /lung cancer progression and clinical outcome: bench to bedside project
  2. Role of receptor tyrosine kinase membrane signalling in miRNA biogenesis and cancer
  3. Role of unstimulated receptor tyrosine kinases in cancer metastasis

Faculty Research and Innovation

Modules taught

BIOC3221/22/BIOL3210 A - ATU - Signal trasduction in cancer and cardiovascular disease
BIOL3306 - Biological Sciences Research Project
BMSC2120 - Scientific Skills

Centre memberships:

Group Leader Dr Zahra Timsah  (University Academic Fellow in Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Biology)


Eleni Kyriakopoulou (Primary supervisor) 90% FTE