Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Maren Thomsen

Research fellow - Marie Curie Individual Fellowship
School of Biomedical Sciences

Contact:  Astbury 6.110a, +44(0) 113 34 33129, email address for  

Wright J, Thomsen M, Kolodziejczyk R, Ridley J, Sinclair J, Carrington G, Singh B, Riesbeck K, Goldman A The crystal structure of PD1, a Haemophilus surface fibril domain Acta Crystallographica Section:F Structural Biology Communications 73 101-108, 2017
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Hao Z, Thomsen M, Postis VL, Lesiuk A, Sharples D, Wang Y, Bartlam M, Goldman A A Novel and Fast Purification Method for Nucleoside Transporters. Frontiers in molecular biosciences 3 23-, 2016
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