Dr Rebecca Thompson

Senior Cryo-Electron Microscopy Support Scientist
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact: Astbury 8.104, +44(0) 113 3434370, email address for  

Drulyte I, Johnson RM, Hesketh EL, Hurdiss DL, Scarff CA, Porav SA, Ranson NA, Muench SP, Thompson RF Approaches to altering particle distributions in cryo-electron microscopy sample preparation Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology 74 560-571, 2018
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Scarff CA, Fuller MJG, Thompson RF, Iadaza MG Variations on negative stain electron microscopy methods: Tools for tackling challenging systems Journal of Visualized Experiments 2018, 2018
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Hesketh EL, Meshcheriakova Y, Thompson RF, Lomonossoff GP, Ranson NA The structures of a naturally empty cowpea mosaic virus particle and its genome-containing counterpart by cryo-electron microscopy Scientific Reports 7, 2017
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Patel N, White SJ, Thompson RF, Bingham R, Weiß EU, Maskell DP, Zlotnick A, Dykeman EC, Tuma R, Twarock R, Ranson NA, Stockley PG HBV RNA pre-genome encodes specific motifs that mediate interactions with the viral core protein that promote nucleocapsid assembly Nature Microbiology 2, 2017
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Thompson RF, Walker M, Siebert CA, Muench SP, Ranson NA An introduction to sample preparation and imaging by cryo-electron microscopy for structural biology Methods 100 3-15, 2016
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Hurdiss DL, Morgan EL, Thompson RF, Prescott EL, Panou MM, Macdonald A, Ranson NA New Structural Insights into the Genome and Minor Capsid Proteins of BK Polyomavirus using Cryo-Electron Microscopy Structure 24 528-536, 2016
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Hesketh EL, Meshcheriakova Y, Dent KC, Saxena P, Thompson RF, Cockburn JJ, Lomonossoff GP, Ranson NA Mechanisms of assembly and genome packaging in an RNA virus revealed by high-resolution cryo-EM Nature Communications 6, 2015
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Bain J, Ruiz-Pérez L, Kennerley AJ, Muench SP, Thompson R, Battaglia G, Staniland SS In situ formation of magnetopolymersomes via electroporation for MRI Scientific Reports 5, 2015
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Reddington SC, Baldwin AJ, Thompson R, Brancale A, Tippmann EM, Jones DD Directed evolution of GFP with non-natural amino acids identifies residues for augmenting and photoswitching fluorescence Chemical Science 6 1159-1166, 2015
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Goodchild SC, Sheynis T, Thompson R, Tipping KW, Xue WF, Ranson NA, Beales PA, Hewitt EW, Radford SE β<inf>2</inf>-microglobulin amyloid fibril-induced membrane disruption is enhanced by endosomal lipids and acidic pH PLoS ONE 9, 2014
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Dent KC, Thompson R, Barker AM, Hiscox JA, Barr JN, Stockley PG, Ranson NA The asymmetric structure of an icosahedral virus bound to its receptor suggests a mechanism for genome release Structure 21 1225-1234, 2013
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