Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Rahul Sharma

Research Fellow
School of Biology

Contact:  Manton 8.01, +44 1133432837, email address for  

Sharma R, Beer K, Iwanov K, Schmöhl F, Beckmann PI, Schröder R The single fgf receptor gene in the beetle Tribolium castaneum codes for two isoforms that integrate FGF8- and Branchless-dependent signals Developmental Biology 402 264-275, 2015

Sharma R, Beermann A, Schröder R The dynamic expression of extraembryonic marker genes in the beetle Tribolium castaneum reveals the complexity of serosa and amnion formation in a short germ insect Gene Expression Patterns 13 362-371, 2013

Sharma R, Beermann A, Schröder R FGF signalling controls anterior extraembryonic and embryonic fate in the beetle Tribolium Developmental Biology 381 121-133, 2013