Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Hugh Roderick

BSc, Leeds, PhD, Nottingham
Research Fellow
School of Biology

Contact:  Manton 9.12, +44(0) 113 34 33035, email address for  

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Research Interests

Nematode Resistant Cooking Bananas for sub-Saharan Africa

Roderick H, Urwin PE, Atkinson HJ Rational design of biosafe crop resistance to a range of nematodes using RNA interference. Plant Biotechnol J -, 2017
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Tripathi L, Atkinson H, Roderick H, Kubiriba J, Tripathi JN Genetically engineered bananas resistant to Xanthomonas wilt disease and nematodes Food and Energy Security 6 37-47, 2017
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Onyango SO, Roderick H, Tripathi JN, Collins R, Atkinson HJ, Oduor RO, Tripathi L The ZmRCP-1 promoter of maize provides root tip specific expression of transgenes in plantain JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH-THESSALONIKI 23 -, 2016

Roderick H, Tripathi L, Poovarasan S Transgenic approaches to improve resistance to nematodes and weevils In Banana: Genomics and Transgenic Approaches for Genetic Improvement , 2016
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Atkinson HJ, Roderick H, Tripathi L Africa needs streamlined regulation to support the deployment of GM crops. Trends in Biotechnology 33 433-435, 2015
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Tripathi L, Babirye A, Roderick H, Tripathi JN, Changa C, Urwin PE, Tushemereirwe WK, Coyne D, Atkinson HJ Field resistance of transgenic plantain to nematodes has potential for future African food security. Scientific reports 5 -, 2015
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Tripathi L, Tripathi JN, Roderick H, Atkinson HJ Engineering nematode resistant plantains for sub-Saharan Africa Acta Horticulturae 974 99-108, 2013
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Roderick H, Mbiru E, Coyne D, Tripathi L, Atkinson HJ Quantitative digital imaging of banana growth suppression by plant parasitic nematodes. PLoS One 7 -, 2012
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Roderick H, Tripathi L, Babirye A, Wang D, Tripathi J, Urwin PE, Atkinson HJ Generation of transgenic plantain (Musa spp.) with resistance to plant pathogenic nematodes Molecular Plant Pathology 13 842-851, 2012
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