Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Patrick Murphy

Teaching Fellow in Molecular and Cellular Biology
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Manton 7.84, +44(0) 113 34 30564, email address for  

Modules managed

BIOL5294M - MSc Bioscience Research Project Proposal
BIOL5390M - Bioscience MSc Research Project
BIOL5392M - Bioscience MSc Research Project

Modules taught

BIOC1302 - Introductory Biochemistry: Practical Skills
BIOC1303 - Introductory Biochemistry: Problem Solving and Data Handling
BIOC2302 - Intermediate Biochemistry: Practicals
BIOC2303 - Intermediate Biochemistry: Skills
BIOC3900 - Cancer Biology
BIOL2301/05 - Skills for Biol Sci & Biosciences
BIOL5371M - Research Planning and Scientific Communication
BIOL5373M - Protein Engineering Laboratory Project
MEDI1220 - Body Systems
MICR3110 - Medical Microbiology Research Project