Dr Marietta Müller

Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact: Garstang 7.58, +44(0) 113 34 33068, email address for  

Panou MM, Prescott EL, Hurdiss DL, Swinscoe G, Hollinshead M, Caller LG, Morgan EL, Carlisle L, Müller M, Antoni M, Kealy D, Ranson NA, Crump CM, Macdonald A Agnoprotein is an essential egress factor during BK Polyomavirus infection International Journal of Molecular Sciences 19, 2018
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Wasson CW, Morgan EL, Müller M, Ross RL, Hartley M, Roberts S, Macdonald A Human papillomavirus type 18 E5 oncogene supports cell cycle progression and impairs epithelial differentiation by modulating growth factor receptor signalling during the virus life cycle Oncotarget 8 103581-103600, 2017
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Abdul-Sada H, Müller M, Mehta R, Toth R, Arthur JSC, Whitehouse A, Macdonald A The PP4R1 sub-unit of protein phosphatase PP4 is essential for inhibition of NF-κB by merkel polyomavirus small tumour antigen Oncotarget 8 25418-25432, 2017
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Royle J, Dobson SJ, Müller M, Macdonald A Emerging roles of viroporins encoded by DNA viruses: Novel targets for antivirals? Viruses 7 5375-5387, 2015
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Müller M, Wasson CW, Bhatia R, Boxall S, Millan D, Goh GYS, Haas J, Stonehouse NJ, MacDonald A YIP<inf>1</inf> family member<inf>4</inf>(YIPF<inf>4</inf>) is a novel cellular binding partner of the papillomavirus E<inf>5</inf> proteins Scientific Reports 5, 2015
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Müller M, Prescott EL, Wasson CW, MacDonald A Human papillomavirus E5 oncoprotein: Function and potential target for antiviral therapeutics Future Virology 10 27-39, 2015
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Wetherill LF, Holmes KK, Verow M, Müller M, Howell G, Harris M, Fishwick C, Stonehouse N, Foster R, Blair GE, Griffin S, Macdonald A High-risk human papillomavirus E5 oncoprotein displays channel-forming activity sensitive to small-molecule inhibitors Journal of Virology 86 5341-5351, 2012
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