Dr Heather Martin

Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact: Astbury 7.103, +44(0) 113 34 33025, email address for  

Martin HL, Bedford R, Heseltine SJ, Tang AA, Haza KZ, Rao A, McPherson MJ, Tomlinson DC Non-immunoglobulin scaffold proteins: Precision tools for studying protein-protein interactions in cancer New Biotechnology, 2018
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Webster PJ, Littlejohns AT, Gaunt HJ, Young RS, Rode B, Ritchie JE, Stead LF, Harrison S, Droop A, Martin HL, Tomlinson DC, Hyman AJ, Appleby HL, Boxall S, Bruns AF, Li J, Prasad RK, Lodge JPA, Burke DA, Beech DJ Upregulated WEE1 protects endothelial cells of colorectal cancer liver metastases Oncotarget 8 42288-42299, 2017
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Martin HL, Alsaady I, Howell G, Prandovszky E, Peers C, Robinson P, McConkey GA Effect of parasitic infection on dopamine biosynthesis in dopaminergic cells Neuroscience 306 50-62, 2015
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Mounsey RB, Martin HL, Nelson MC, Evans RM, Teismann P The effect of neuronal conditional knock-out of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors in the MPTP mouse model of Parkinson's disease Neuroscience 300 576-584, 2015
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Webster PJ, Young RS, Martin HL, Harrison S, Stead LF, Tomlinson DC, Prasad RK, Burke DA, Beech DJ Inhibition of the G2/M checkpoint kinase WEE1 as an anti-angiogenic therapy for colorectal liver metastases, 2015

Barnard A, Long K, Martin HL, Miles JA, Edwards TA, Tomlinson DC, Macdonald A, Wilson AJ Selective and potent proteomimetic inhibitors of intracellular protein-protein interactions Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 54 2960-2965, 2015
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Barnard A, Long K, Martin HL, Miles JA, Edwards TA, Tomlinson DC, Macdonald A, Wilson AJ Selective and Potent Proteomimetic Inhibitors of Intracellular Protein-Protein Interactions. Angewandte Chemie (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 127 3003-3008, 2015
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Martin HL, Smith L, Tomlinson DC Multidrug-resistant breast cancer: Current perspectives Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapy 6 1-13, 2014
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Adams M, Cookson VJ, Higgins J, Martin HL, Tomlinson DC, Bond J, Morrison EE, Bell SM A high-throughput assay to identify modifiers of premature chromosome condensation. J Biomol Screen 19 176-183, 2014
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Martin HL, Adams M, Higgins J, Bond J, Morrison EE, Bell SM, Warriner S, Nelson A, Tomlinson DC High-content, high-throughput screening for the identification of cytotoxic compounds based on cell morphology and cell proliferation markers. PLoS One 9 e88338-, 2014
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McConkey GA, Martin HL, Bristow GC, Webster JP Toxoplasma gondii infection and behaviour - location, location, location? J Exp Biol 216 113-119, 2013
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