Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Jamel Mankouri

BSc Pharmacology, PhD 2006 Leeds
Royal Society University Research Fellow / University Academic Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Background: Post-doctoral researcher with Prof Mark Harris in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Leeds (2006 - 2009); Post-doctoral Researcher with Prof Mark Harris and Dr Stephen Griffin (2009-2011) in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Leeds. Royal Society University Research Fellow (2011-present).

Contact:  Garstang 8.55a, +44(0) 113 34 35646, email address for  

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Research Interests

Investigating host cell ion channel function as a novel target during virus infection

Newly identified factors shown to be important in leading virus entry, survival and release are cellular ion channels, proteins that act as a pore in the membranes of all cells within the body, permitting the selective passage of ions (such as potassium ions, sodium ions, and calcium ions). Through controlling ion passage, these channels serve many critically important cellular functions including chemical signaling, the regulation of pH, and the regulation of cell volume. Malfunction of ion channels can cause diseases in many tissues.

Research in my laboratory focuses on understanding the interaction between clinically important human viruses with cellular ion channels. These studies will allow a better understanding of the host cell processes that viruses require in order to survive.


Current Projects

  • Assessment of ion channel currents in virus infected cells  
  • Investigating the mechanisms of virus-mediated channel alterations
  • Effects of restoring the function of virus-ion channel targets using pharmacological activators/inhibitors on the virus lifecycle
  • Dynamic visualization of host cell ion channel and viral protein trafficking in living cells

Faculty Research and Innovation

Studentship information

Undergraduate project topics:

  • Virus-host interactions in zoonotic viruses
  • Ion channel modulators as new anti-viral compounds

Postgraduate studentship areas:

  • Targeting Ion Channel Function for Rabies Virus Therapy
  • Information on this programme can be found at the following:
  • http://www.findaphd.com/search/ProjectDetails.aspx?PJID=52204&LID=735
  • In addition, we welcome applications at any time from self-funded students that are well qualified and highly motivated. Contact us via email (J.mankouri@leeds.ac.uk).

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Modules taught

BIOC3111/12/BIOL3112/MICR3120 a - ATU - Visualising Viruses
BIOC3160 - Laboratory/Literature/Computing Research Project
BIOC3900 - Cancer Biology
BIOL2210/BIOC2301 - Integrated Biochemistry/Biological Membranes
BIOL2301/05 - Skills for Biol Sci & Biosciences
BIOL3398 - Research Tools and Applications
BIOL5296M - Treatment of Infectious Disease and Cancer
BMSC1212 - Introduction to Pharmacology
BMSC2210 - Chemotherapy
MICR1120 - Introduction to Microbiology
MICR2120/BIOC2301 - Integrated Biochemistry/Medical Bacteriology
MICR3110 - Medical Microbiology Research Project


Ibrahim Al-Masoud (Primary supervisor) 50% FTE
Samantha Hover (Primary supervisor) 50% FTE
Eleanor Todd (Primary supervisor) 50% FTE
Jack Fuller (Co-supervisor) 50% FTE
Margarita Panou (Co-supervisor) 20% FTE