Dr Jelena Kusakina

Research Fellow
School of Biology

Contact: Miall 9.11a, email address for  

Simon NML, Kusakina J, Fernández-López Á, Chembath A, Belbin FE, Dodd AN The Energy-Signaling Hub SnRK1 Is Important for Sucrose-Induced Hypocotyl Elongation Plant Physiology 176 1299-1310, 2018
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Kusakina J, Rutterford Z, Cotter S, Martí MC, Laurie DA, Greenland AJ, Hall A, Webb AAR Barley Hv CIRCADIAN CLOCK ASSOCIATED 1 and Hv PHOTOPERIOD H1 are circadian regulators that can affect circadian rhythms in arabidopsis PLoS ONE 10, 2015
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Dodd AN, Kusakina J, Hall A, Gould PD, Hanaoka M The circadian regulation of photosynthesis Photosynthesis Research 119 181-190, 2014
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Kusakina J, Gould PD, Hall A A fast circadian clock at high temperatures is a conserved feature across Arabidopsis accessions and likely to be important for vegetative yield Plant, Cell and Environment 37 327-340, 2014
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Noordally ZB, Ishii K, Atkins KA, Wetherill SJ, Walton EJ, Kusakina J, Kato M, Azuma M, Tanaka K, Hanaoka M, Dodd AN Circadian control of chloroplasttranscription by a nuclear-encoded timing signal. Science 339 1316-1319, 2013

Kusakina J, Dodd A Phosphorylation in the plant circadian system. Trends in Plant Science 10 575-583, 2012

Gould PD, Diaz C, Hogben C, Kusakina J, Salem R, Hartwell J, Hall A Delayed fluorescence as a universal tool for the measurement of circadian rhythms in higher plants. The Plant Journal 1-9, 2009

Kusakina J, Snyder M, Kristie DN, Dadswell MJ Morphological and molecular evidence for multiple invasions of Codium fragile in Atlantic Canada. Botanica Marina 49 1-9, 2006