Dr Martin Kieffer

Maitrise, Lille-Flandres Artois; DESS, D'Angers; Phd, Plymouth
Research Fellow
School of Biology

Contact: Miall 8.16, +44(0) 113 34 33035, email address for  

Rast-Somssich MI, Zádníková P, Schmid S, Kieffer M, Kepinski S, Simon R The Arabidopsis JAGGED LATERAL ORGANS (JLO) gene sensitizes plants to auxin Journal of Experimental Botany 68 2741-2755, 2017
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Roychoudhry S, Kieffer M, Del Bianco M, Liao CY, Weijers D, Kepinski S The developmental and environmental regulation of gravitropic setpoint angle in Arabidopsis and bean Scientific Reports 7, 2017
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Wang R, Zhang Y, Kieffer M, Yu H, Kepinski S, Estelle M HSP90 regulates temperature-dependent seedling growth in Arabidopsis by stabilizing the auxin co-receptor F-box protein TIR1 Nature Communications 7, 2016
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Roychoudhry S, Del Bianco M, Kieffer M, Kepinski S Auxin controls gravitropic setpoint angle in higher plant lateral branches Current Biology 23 1497-1504, 2013
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Kieffer ML, fuller M In vitro propagation of cauliflower using curd microexplants Methods Mol Biol. 329-339, 2012
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Bridge LJ, Mirams GR, Kieffer ML, King JR, Kepinski S Distinguishing possible mechanisms for auxin-mediated developmental control in Arabidopsis: models with two Aux/IAA and ARF proteins, and two target gene-sets. Math Biosci 235 32-44, 2012
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Steiner E, Efroni I, Gopalraj M, Saathoff K, Tseng T-S, Kieffer M, Eshed Y, Olszewski N, Weiss D The Arabidopsis O-Linked N-Acetylglucosamine Transferase SPINDLY Interacts with Class I TCPs to Facilitate Cytokinin Responses in Leaves and Flowers The Plant Cell 24 96-108, 2012

Kieffer M, Master V, Waites R, Davies B TCP14 and TCP15 affect internode length and leaf shape in Arabidopsis Plant Journal 68 147-158, 2011
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Kieffer M, Neve J, Kepinski S Defining auxin response contexts in plant development Current Opinion in Plant Biology 13 12-20, 2010
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Arciga-Reyes L, Wootton LJ, Kieffer ML, Davies BH UPF1 is required for nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) and RNAi in Arabidopsis The Plant Journal 47 480-489, 2006
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Kieffer ML, Stern Y, Cook H, Clerici E, Maulbetsch C, Laux T, Davies BH Analysis of the Transcription Factor WUSCHEL and Its Functional Homologue in Antirrhinum Reveals a Potential Mechanism for Their Roles in Meristem Maintenance Plant Cell 18 560-573, 2006
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de Folter S, Immink RGH, Kieffer ML, Parenicova L, Henz SR, Weigel D, Busscher M, Kooiker M, Colombo L, Kater MM, Davies BH, Angenent GC Comprehensive Interaction Map of the Arabidopsis MADS Box Transcription Factors Plant Cell 17 1424-1433, 2005
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Kieffer M, davies B Polarity in floral development In Polarity in plants, 2004
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Parenicova L, de Folter S, Kieffer ML, Horner D, Favalli C, Busscher J, Cook H, Ingram R, Kater M, Davies BH, Angenent G, Colombo L Molecular and Phylogenetic Analyses of the Complete MADS-Box Transcription Factor Family in Arabidopsis: New Openings to the MADS World Plant Cell 15 1538-1551, 2003

Causier BE, Kieffer ML, Davies BH Plant Biology: MADS-Box genes reach maturity Science 296 275-276, 2002

Kieffer ML, Davies BH Developmental programmes in floral organ formation Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology 12 373-380, 2001
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