Dr Arnout Kalverda

MSc, Netherlands; PhD, Leiden, Netherlands.
NMR Facilities Manager
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact: Miall 4.21a, +44(0) 113 34 37997, email address for  

Batchelor M, Wolny M, Knight PJ, Paci E, Kalverda AP, Peckham M Structural dynamics in the myosin 7a single alpha-helix domain, 2017

Batchelor M, Wolny M, Knight PJ, Paci E, Kalverda AP, Peckham M Structural Dynamics in the Myosin 7A Single alpha-Helix Domain, 2017

Hewitt SH, Filby MH, Hayes E, Kuhn LT, Kalverda AP, Webb ME, Wilson AJ Protein Surface Mimetics: Understanding How Ruthenium Tris(Bipyridines) Interact with Proteins ChemBioChem 18 223-231, 2017
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Karamanos TK, Pashley CL, Kalverda AP, Thompson GS, Mayzel M, Orekhov VY, Radford SE A Population Shift between Sparsely Populated Folding Intermediates Determines Amyloidogenicity Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 6271-6280, 2016
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Tomlinson JH, Thompson GS, Kalverda AP, Zhuravleva A, O'Neill AJ A target-protection mechanism of antibiotic resistance at atomic resolution: Insights into FusB-type fusidic acid resistance Scientific Reports 6, 2016
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Hiruma-Shimizu K, Shimizu H, Thompson GS, Kalverda AP, Patching SG Deuterated detergents for structural and functional studies of membrane proteins: Properties, chemical synthesis and applications Molecular Membrane Biology 32 139-155, 2015
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Karamanos TK, Kalverda AP, Thompson GS, Radford SE Mechanisms of amyloid formation revealed by solution NMR Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 88-89 86-104, 2015
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Monteiro DCF, Patel V, Bartlett CP, Nozaki S, Grant TD, Gowdy JA, Thompson GS, Kalverda AP, Snell EH, Niki H, Pearson AR, Webb ME The structure of the PanD/PanZ protein complex reveals negative feedback regulation of pantothenate biosynthesis by coenzyme a Chemistry and Biology 22 492-503, 2015
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Czajlik A, Thompson GS, Khan GN, Kalverda AP, Homans SW, Trinick J ¹H, ¹⁵N, and ¹³C backbone chemical shift assignment of titin domains A59-A60 and A60 alone Biomolecular NMR assignments 8 429-433, 2014
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Czajlik A, Thompson GS, Khan GN, Kalverda AP, Homans SW, Trinick J ¹H, ¹⁵N, and ¹³C backbone chemical shift assignment of titin domains A59-A60 and A60 alone. Biomol NMR Assign 8 429-433, 2014
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Sarell CJ, Karamanos TK, White SJ, Bunka DHJ, Kalverda AP, Thompson GS, Barker AM, Stockley PG, Radford SE Distinguishing closely related amyloid precursors using an RNA aptamer. J Biol Chem 289 26859-26871, 2014
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Karamanos TK, Kalverda AP, Thompson GS, Radford SE Visualization of transient protein-protein interactions that promote or inhibit amyloid assembly. Mol Cell 55 214-226, 2014
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Kalverda AP, Gowdy J, Thompson GS, Homans SW, Henderson PJF, Patching SG TROSY NMR with a 52 kDa sugar transport protein and the binding of a small-molecule inhibitor. Mol Membr Biol 31 131-140, 2014
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Foster TL, Thompson GS, Kalverda AP, Kankanala J, Bentham M, Wetherill LF, Thompson J, Barker AM, Clarke D, Noerenberg M, Pearson AR, Rowlands, D. J., Homans SW, Harris M, Foster R, Griffin S Structure-guided design affirms inhibitors of hepatitis C virus p7 as a viable class of antivirals targeting virion release Hepatology 59 408-422, 2014
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Fisher M, Basak R, Kalverda AP, Fishwick CWG, Turnbull WB, Nelson A Discovery of novel FabF ligands inspired by platensimycin by integrating structure-based design with diversity-oriented synthetic accessibility. Org Biomol Chem 12 486-494, 2014
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Hiruma-Shimizu K, Kalverda AP, Henderson PJF, Homans SW, Patching SG Synthesis of uniformly deuterated n-dodecyl-β -d-maltoside (d39 -DDM) for solubilization of membrane proteins in TROSY NMR experiments Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 57 737-743, 2014
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Czajlik A, Thompson GS, Khan GN, Kalverda AP, Homans SW, Trinick J ¹H, ¹⁵N and ¹³C backbone chemical shift assignment of the titin A67-A68 domain tandem. Biomol NMR Assign 6 39-41, 2012
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Pashley CL, Morgan GJ, Kalverda AP, Thompson GS, Kleanthous C, Radford SE Conformational properties of the unfolded state of Im7 in nondenaturing conditions. J Mol Biol 416 300-318, 2012
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Eichner T, Kalverda AP, Thompson GS, Homans SW, Radford SE Conformational conversion during amyloid formation at atomic resolution. Mol Cell 41 161-172, 2011
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Czajlik A, Thompson GS, Khan GN, Kalverda AP, Homans SW, Trinick J 1H, 15N and 13C backbone chemical shift assignment of the titin A67-A68 domain tandem Biomolecular NMR Assignments 1-3, 2011

Houssen WE, Wright SH, Kalverda AP, Thompson GS, Kelly SM, Jaspars M Solution structure of the leader sequence of the patellamide precursor peptide, PatE1-34. Chembiochem 11 1867-1873, 2010
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Kalverda AP, Thompson GS, Vogel A, Schroder M, Bowie AG, Khan AR, Homans SW Poxvirus K7 Protein Adopts a Bcl-2 Fold: Biochemical Mapping of Its Interactions with Human DEAD Box RNA Helicase DDX3 J MOL BIOL 385 843-853, 2009

Stöckmann H, Bronowska A, Syme NR, Thompson GS, Kalverda AP, Warriner SL, Homans SW Residual ligand entropy in the binding of p-substituted benzenesulfonamide ligands to bovine carbonic anhydrase II. J Am Chem Soc 130 12420-12426, 2008
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Burnley BT, Kalverda AP, Paisey SJ, Berry A, Homans SW Hadamard NMR spectroscopy for relaxation measurements of large (>35 kDa) proteins J BIOMOL NMR 39 239-245, 2007

Knight PJ, Thirumurugan K, Xu Y, Wang F, Kalverda AP, Stafford III WF, Sellers JR, Peckham M The Predicted Coiled-coil Domain of Myosin 10 Forms a Novel Elongated Domain That Lengthens the Head Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 34702-34708, 2005

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Yung A, Turnbull WB, Kalverda AP, Thompson GS, Homans SW, Kitov P, Bundle DR Large-scale millisecond intersubunit dynamics in the B subunit homopentamer of the toxin derived from Escherichia coli O157. J Am Chem Soc 125 13058-13062, 2003
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Chaykovski MM, Bae LC, Cheng MC, Murray JH, Tortolani KE, Zhang R, Seshadri K, Findlay JBC, Hsieh SY, Homans SW, Kalverda AP, Brown JM Methyl side-chain dynamics in proteins using selective enrichment with a single isotopomer Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 15767-15771, 2003
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McParland VJ, Kad NM, Kalverda AP, Brown A, Kirwin-Jones P, Hunter MG, Sunde M, Radford SE Partially unfolded states of beta(2)-microglobulin and amyloid formation in vitro ChemBioChem 39 8735-8746, 2000

Kalverda AP, Ubbink M, Gilardi G, Wijmenga SS, Crawford A, Jeuken LJC, Canters GW Backbone dynamics of azurin in solution: Slow conformational change associated with deprotonation of histidine 35 Biochemistry 38 12690-12697, 1999
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