Dr Hannah Marie Kirton

BSc (Hons) and Ph.D, Leeds
Research Fellow
School of Biomedical Sciences

Contact: Garstang 7.53, +44(0) 113 34 31869, email address for  

Kirton HM, Al-Owais M, Peers C, Steele DS The EPAC2 Inhibitor ESI-05 Prolongs the Action Potential and Increases Susceptibility to EAD Arrhythmias, 2018

Al-Owais MM, Hettiarachchi NT, Kirton HM, Hardy ME, Boyle JP, Scragg JL, Steele DS, Peers C A key role for peroxynitrite-mediated inhibition of cardiac ERG (Kv11.1) K+ channels in carbon monoxide-induced proarrhythmic early afterdepolarizations FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 31 4845-4854, 2017
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Yang Z, Kirton HM, Al-Owais M, Thireau J, Richard S, Peers C, Steele DS Epac2-Rap1 signaling regulates reactive oxygen species production and susceptibility to cardiac arrhythmias Antioxidants and Redox Signaling 27 117-132, 2017
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Yang Z, Kirton HM, Al-Owais M, Peers C, Steele DS Epac2-Rap1 Signaling Influences Reactive Oxygen Species Production and Susceptibility to Cardiac Arrhythmias, 2017

Kirton HM, Yang Z, Steele DS Conditions that Promote Golgi Ca2+ Release Facilitate Trafficking of VEGFR-1 to the Surface Membrane in Rat Ventricular Myocytes, 2016

Kirton HM, Yang Z, Steele DS Phosphodiesterase Inhibition Leads to Activation of Epac and Stimulation of Ca2+ Release from both the Golgi Apparatus and the SR, 2015

Yang Z, Kirton HM, MacDougall DA, Boyle JP, Deuchars J, Frater B, Ponnambalam S, Hardy ME, White E, Calaghan SC, Peers C, Steele DS The Golgi apparatus is a functionally distinct Ca<sup>2+</sup>store regulated by the PKA and Epac branches of the b1-adrenergic signaling pathway Science Signaling 8, 2015
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Kirton HM, Pettinger L, Gamper N Transient overexpression of genes in neurons using nucleofection. Methods Mol Biol 998 55-64, 2013
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Kirton HM Competitive Interactions of Kv7 Channel Carboxy-Termini with PIP2 and Calmodulin BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 102 133A-133A, 2012